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Cluster Resources, Inc. Brings Leading Cluster Workload Management Software to Mac OX C High Performance Computing Environments

Spanish Fork, UT (PRWEB) November 8, 2004 -

— Cluster Resources, Inc. today announced the release of Moab Cluster Suite 4.2 for Mac OS X. It is the first release of Cluster Resources' cluster management suite to support the Mac OS X platform and includes: Moab Workload Manager™, a policy-based workload management and scheduling engine; Moab Cluster Manager™, a graphical cluster administration interface, monitor, and reporting tool; and Moab Access Portal™, an end-user job submission and management portal. Moab Cluster Suite 4.2 also supports Linux and Unix-based server platforms and Mac OS X, Linux, Unix and Windows clients.

Mac OS X and Apple Computer's Xserve hardware continue to see growing success in the High performance computing market with the much publicized success of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University's (Virginia Tech) supercomputer and other leading deployments. High Performance Computing sites are now able to leverage Apple Computer's renowned ease of use and superior price performance with Cluster Resources' cluster management solutions to

achieve new levels of control and efficiency.

“Moab Workload Manager on Mac OS X allows for the management of traditional compute resources, as well as storage, network and licenses. This provides organizations with unparalleled control over how, when and by whom the resources of a cluster are accessed delivering up to 90 to 99 percent utilization.” said David Jackson, Chief Technology Officer of Cluster Resources, Inc. “The Web and desktop GUI interfaces empower administrators with significant management capabilities and enable end-users to submit their own jobs and self-manage their use of the system.”

"With dual G5 processing power and up to 8GB of ECC memory, Xserve G5 is affordable, easy to manage and easy to cluster making it the perfect platform for high performance computing,” said Ron Okamoto, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. “Moab Cluster Suite 4.2 delivers a powerful management suite for complex computational clustering to our customers who benefit from the strong performance of Mac OS X and Xserve G5 servers."

One of the notable sites leading Mac OS X adoption in the cluster and grid space is Virginia Tech. Its System X cluster landed at number three on the Top500 list in November of 2003 and was recently upgraded to an Xserve G5 based cluster.

“We achieved the underlying power required to be near the head of the Top500, and now with the Moab Cluster Suite we have the management and reporting we need to truly harness and control our powerful system,” said Kevin Shinpaugh, Director of Research and Cluster Computing of Virginia Tech. “Accounting for and allocating the millions of CPU hours available per year on System X is much easier now that we have Moab Cluster Suite. The reporting tools of Moab Cluster Manager clearly show us what has been done and Moab Workload Manager lets us express and enforce our rules.”

The Moab suite provides Mac OS X sites with an easy cross-over into the supercomputing arena, as users can engage in high performance computing without wasting time learning to maneuver through a difficult interface.

“Advanced and highly configurable workload management capabilities are essential for our computational science and engineering HPC environment,” said Michael Campbell, HPC Software Administrator at the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign). “We have multiple clusters, several hundred users and many research groups that span various departments and universities. This diverse user base ranges from individuals doing thesis work, to class projects, to huge production simulations requiring thousands of processors. The Moab suite provides a means by which these complex needs and changing priorities can be managed relatively easily from a single point of control.”

The Moab Cluster Suite can be used to enforce service level delivery to users, groups, projects or organizational units. Moab's service level enforcement can ensure the right resources are delivered and that response times are optimized. Reports can be generated to accurately monitor usage and can be used for cost sharing or bill-back purposes, using either virtual credits or actual financial charges.

“We wanted to enhance our cluster management as it was quite challenging to coordinate all the different applications, research groups and desired policy settings,” said David Osguthorpe, Director of Computational Biology of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.

“Moab Workload Manager lets us set up global, cluster and user based rules and policies and automate them across the entire cluster. Our system is certainly more efficient now and we can give our users a better experience. That means more research gets done, our grant providers will be more pleased and we are better prepared to grow our system and the work that can be accomplished.”

The Moab Cluster Suite 4.2 is available for immediate release. Organizations interested in a free evaluation copy of Moab Cluster Suite or access to Cluster Resources' On-line Demonstration Cluster can visit

About Cluster Resources

Cluster Resources, Inc.TM is a leading provider of workload and resource management software and services for cluster, grid and utility-based computing environments. Drawing upon over a decade of industry experience, Cluster Resources is recognized as a leader in innovation and return on investment, delivering the software products and services that enable an organization to understand, control and fully optimize their computer resources, while minimizing the hardware required to meet objectives. For more information call (801) 873-3400 or (888) 221-2008 or visit

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Crossware Releases Flash Programming Software for Freescale ColdFire Boards

Cambridge, UK (PRWEB) November 24, 2004

Crossware (, a leading embedded tools developer, has released flash programming software that can be used to program Freescale ColdFire® boards using its FireFly USB BDM (background debug mode) interface. This can save developers considerable amounts of time as FireFly can program flash more than 8 times faster than via a parallel port interface.

The flash software – available free of charge to users of Crossware’s FireFly interface - will simultaneously control up to 127 USB ports each connected to a separate ColdFire board. A single click of the mouse will program the selected software file into any or all of the connected boards.

The Crossware software can automatically generate a configuration script - required so that the target board can be correctly set up for flash programming - by examining the program that is to be downloaded. This feature eliminates the need for the script to be created manually.

Multiple program formats are supported including Motorola 'S' records, IEEE 695 and ELF. The software can be used with programs generated by any ColdFire tool chain as well as those generated with the Crossware ColdFire Development Suite.

Crossware developed its small yet powerful and fast FireFly BDM interface for Motorola’s ColdFire® family of chips. FireFly features a USB controller and requires no external crystal. The miniature debugger plugs directly into the target board minimizing signal delays and ensuring compatibility with the new generation of ColdFire chips running at up to 200 MHz.

The FireFly USB BDM interface is also driven by a new version of Crossware’s source level debugging software, which integrates seamlessly with the rest of its ColdFire Development Suite. The user interface is unchanged and so developers can simply replace their existing parallel port interface with the new USB debugger and immediately benefit from the improved performance. In addition, developers can also move to platforms such as the newer generation of notebook PCs, which do not have a parallel port.

For more information about the ColdFire USB Flash Programming Software or any product from Crossware, please contact Alan Harry, Crossware, Old Post House, Silver Street, Litlington, Royston, Herts, SG8 0QE, UK, tel: + 44 (0) 1763 853500 or fax + 44 (0) 1763 853330,

About Crossware (

Crossware is a leading developer of programmer-friendly C cross compilers and other development tools for embedded systems based on the 8051, ColdFire, 68000, CPU32 and other chip families. Host environments include Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The company, founded by Alan Harry in 1984, is headquartered in the UK at Litlington on the outskirts of Cambridge. Crossware’s products are used throughout the world by professional developers, educational establishments and hobbyists.

For more information, please contact:

Mr Alan Harry


Tel: + 44 (0) 1763 853500

Fax: + 44 (0) 1763 853330


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Daffodil Software Open Sources One$DB, Edition of Daffodil DB at

Gurgaon, India (PRWEB) January 20, 2005

Daffodil Software, a leading database technology company, today announced the Open Source release of One$ DB at ( The move to Open Source One$ DB, is driven by the fact that Open Source products are more acceptable and flexible, as they can be understood better in terms of strengths and limitations and can be customized to suit specific requirements without any fear of vendor locking. We also feel that Open Source products become more mature due to the continuous involvement of a diverse community.

One$ DB (, which was initially launched as a free database, is an effort to drive open source innovation around Java-based applications, which will in turn create new business opportunities in various areas such as embedded database applications, Java applications and web-based applications.

One$ DB is a version of Daffodil DB, a J2EE-certified, JDBC 3.0 and SQL-99 compliant Java database. It is available in both Network and Embedded editions and has been designed to handle complex computing environments that demand a robust, scalable and feature-rich RDBMS that can operate across platforms. Against convention, One$ DB does not put any restriction with regards to number of connections, CPU usage and total data storage.

One$ DB, being an offshoot of Daffodil DB, enjoys a high level of maturity and stability, two aspects that new open source products lack. Daffodil DB (with over 10,000 installations) has come of age and is ready for enterprise and mission-critical applications. Recently, Daffodil DB achieved compatibility with Compiere, a leading Open Source ERP+CRM package, which is highly demanding in terms of database requirements. This fact highlights for the first time, the ability of a Java database to compete with the best that the enterprise database market has to offer.

One$ DB's commitment to industry standards, coupled with the availability of unique features like PSM support, ready-to-use Network edition, MVCC, Advanced Security features and an integrated Import/Export tool is a big distinction from other players in the open arena. Apart from these enterprise-level features, community developers will have the added benefit of a Software Design Document, by which they can better understand the design and architecture of One$ DB. By ‘opening’ such a feature-rich database, Daffodil hopes to work closely with the Java and database community in strengthening the product further. Unlike other players in the Open Source database market, One$ DB is a zero cost software made available under an LGPL license, wherein the commercial deployment is also free. Apart from the free support through forums and live chat, Daffodil also offers optional & affordable commercial support for the product under its One$ Support program.

Expressing his viewpoint regarding the entry of big players and the subsequent competition in the Java database market, Yogesh Agarwal (CEO, Daffodil Software) commented: “With One$ DB going Open Source, we hope to add fuel to the already hot Java database market. One$ DB offers the community an embeddable database with an impressive set of capabilities and functions. Our attempt is to associate two growing movements; Java and Open Source, to the benefit of both the communities." Looking for a long-standing association with the community, he added, “Our mission is to look beyond opening the code; to work with the community in developing One$ DB as the most outstanding open source database.”

"Open Sourcing of One$ DB is yet another example of companies starting to appreciate the Open Source movement. By offering such a mature and feature-rich database, Daffodil has set an example for others to emulate. One$ DB's non-restrictive commercial license will attract SMBs and ISVs, as they can develop applications without additional start-up costs", said Mr. Ou Weiguo, CEO – Huidu Technology Co. Ltd. (China)

About Daffodil Software

Daffodil Software entered the open source arena with the successful open sourcing of its database replication tool Daffodil Replicator. Efforts are on to make One$ DB / Daffodil DB compatible with other major open source products, Compiere being the beginning.



Jence Incorporated Releases NineSYNC, a Server Level Database Synchronization Web Services Software

(PRWEB) February 3, 2005

NineSYNC is a database synchronization web services program. This database synchronization program allows heterogeneous databases to synchronize target database with source database. A comprehensive mapper allows the user to select the tables and datatypes of the source and map them to the target database.

NineSYNC Difference

NineSYNC differentiation is it is a web service. The advantage of web service is that it works over firewall using HTTP/HTTPS protocol. The program will reside on a server anywhere in the world and controlled by client programs. Another added advantage of using a web service is that the program is callable by any web services enabled application regardless of the language used to develop it. NineSYNC does not require that the source and target database exist on the server where NineSYNC is installed. The source and target databases are seen as IP addresses with a user name and password. The web service will remotely connect the two databases using those addresses.

Supported Databases

SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Postgresql, DB2.

Mapper Feature

The mapper interface may be able to map data types of source database to target database on a column by column basis. The only restriction is that the primary keys have to be identical.

Periodic Scheduling

NineSYNC may be set up for periodic synchronization daily, weekly or monthly.

Stop and Pause Mode

This allows you to pause database synchronization and then resume at your will. If the synchronization is paused, then when resumed, the web service continues from where it left off, if the source database has not changed.

Report Generation and Log Files

Log files are created for each synchronization. The log files are XML based and the web service client have the option to generate HTML report from the log file.

Client Graphical User Interface

The web service also comes with a client graphical user interface, which includes a mapper interface, user login, account creation screen, database synchronization scheduler. Future version will also have a file synchronization interface.


The web service called NineSYNC appears as a URL string. The client contacts the URL using this string and fetches the WSDL file, which describes how the web services need to be used. The client makes the calls described in the WSDL to communicate with the web service. Once connection is made, the client simply calls the routines synchronously to the web service. When the synchronization starts, the client may logout without terminating the synchronization operation. The client may later come login and check the status of the operation. Log files and mapper file may be printed or viewed on a web browser.

Server Requirements

1. Apache Tomcat v5.5, Sun Appserver 8, IBM Websphere, or other compatible Java App Servers compatible with servlet 2.3 specification.

2. Minimum 1 GB RAM. Ram requirements may increase for larger databases. One million row synchronization requires at least 1 GB.

3. Java Virtual Machine 1.4.1 required.

4. At least one of the following databases required for user management: MySql, Oracle, SqlServer, Postgress, DB2. Sybase, Informix and Derby will be supported soon.

5. High speed internet connection is needed.

6. Valid IP address need for source and target databases.

Clent Requirements

1. Java Virtual Machine 1.4 or above required.

2. No minimum memory requirements, but at least 64 MB RAM recommended.

3. High speed internet connection is not required, but recommended.

Sales and Support

Jence Incorporated will provide six month free support. Support contract are available on an annual basis. Please contact or call 781-962-1462 for more sales and support information.


NineSYNC is available in single user, limited user and unlimited user mode license. The program comes with both server and client. The server must be deployed in a Web Container or a J2EE compliant server.


NineSYNC is available in single user, limited user and unlimited user mode license. The program comes with both server and client side application. There is no per CPU license requirements or any royalty fees. The server must be deployed in a Web Container or a J2EE compliant server.

More Information

More information is available by contacting Jence Incorporated or visiting the website PDF brochures will be available soon.


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Kozio Names SDC Systems Ltd. European Distributor; UK embedded systems tool & technology provide offers custom hardware validation & verification software and services

(PRWEB) February 14, 2005

Kozio, Inc., provider of a complete diagnostics and functional test platform to accelerate development of new processor-based board designs, today announced it has finalized an agreement with UK-based SDC Systems Limited to act as the European distributor for Kozio products. SDC Systems distributes tools and technologies for the development of embedded systems to customers throughout Europe. This is the first overseas distribution agreement for Kozio.

“This is an exciting product for us that's very much in line with the technology we provide for the embedded market. All processor-based boards require design verification and validation once they have been built, and Kozio’s solutions accelerate this process and reduce the cost of this stage of development,” said Stuart Parker, managing director of SDC Systems. “We have many customers that will benefit from this type of off-the-shelf, flexible solution to evaluate the integrity of their hardware.”

SDC Systems focuses on identifying and supplying key technologies and products that bring real value to the embedded systems marketplace. SDC's offerings are selected to help bring desirable, high-quality yet cost-effective products to market as quickly as possible by significantly reducing the development time or by improving the functionality and performance of the final products.

Kozio’s turnkey software products for embedded systems development provide an expert hardware bring-up application for leading 32-bit processor boards; reduce development time and cost through an automated manufacturing test application; reduce support costs through an easily integrated self-test application; are quickly delivered ready to use to accelerate product development and launch. Kozio's customers include innovative startup firms, as well as large established technology organizations.

“We are pleased to announce this new distribution agreement which expands Kozio’s presence to the UK and Europe. I am confident that SDC Systems excellence in sales and customer support, along with Kozio’s turnkey embedded software solutions for smart devices, will prove beneficial for many European OEMs and ODMs,” stated Kozio’s Co-founder and President Joseph Skazinski.

About Kozio, Inc.

Kozio, Inc. licenses software solutions that verify CPU board designs for embedded single-board computer systems used in products such as ADSL gateways, wireless access points, network routers, voice solutions, security and test equipment, and aerospace systems. Kozio's products provide comprehensive test solutions, including diagnostics for board bring-up, automated manufacturing test, and built-in self-test software for manufactured products. Kozio's customers design, develop and manufacture boards used in computer-based electronic systems for the aerospace, networking, defense, test and wireless industries. Kozio products ease many embedded systems development challenges, from design through manufacturing and support, saving customers time and money. The company is privately held and based in Longmont, Colorado, and counts ADI Engineering, Intel, General Dynamics, Thomson, AMCC and IBM among its major customers and partners. For more information, visit, email, or call +1 (303) 776-1356.

kDiagnostics, kMfgTest, kPOST and Flash-N-Run are registered trademarks of Kozio, Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

About SDC Systems

SDC Systems Limited is a leading European distributor of embedded development software, tools and hardware. Focused on innovative, leading-edge technology, SDC strives to provide "technology that makes a difference," technology that will positively impact the development process and the quality and functionality of the final product. With many years’ experience and talented engineering support, SDC Systems works closely with their clients to provide an important source of embedded expertise and products. For more information on SDC, visit, call +44 1462 473953 or e-mail

Contact: Joseph Skazinski, Kozio, Inc., (303) 776-1356,, Stuart Parker, SDC Systems Ltd., +44 (0)1462 473953,, or Brad Shannon, Shannon Marketing Communications, (970) 461-4906,


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LD Consulting Announces Phonetic Audio Mining Software Engine

Philadelphia, PA; New York, NY (PRWEB) February 24, 2005 -

– LD Consulting, Inc. the most heterogeneous and prodigious provider of phonetics-based solutions for audio mining, speech analytics, transcription, and conversational marketing announced today the general availability of its LD Phonetic Engine product. This thin client HTML-based solution delivers the most scalable enterprise audio and video search capability in the marketplace, with audio indexed at more than 50 times real-time. (Most Fortune 50 companies and government agencies are experiencing greater volume levels and speed) Supporting multiple language ingestion, the LD Phonetic Engine resides in parallel with various transcription and speech to text engines, on the LD Mining Platform.

“The LD Phonetic Engine has finally arrived to open arms in the United States and the America’s”, proclaimed Jack Roken, CEO of LD Consulting, ”There now exists an open API (SDK with all tools available )platform for the development community intra Enterprises and through the Government community. “Phonetic Audio and Video searching is exploding with ASP / Service Bureau’s now fulfilling inter application sets in the market.” “Radio, Cable Television, and the Internet are now a desktop click away from real time monitoring and audio/video mining (mine back 30-60-90-one year or more) applications.”

“Imagine the capability to extend your network reach today, from call center and intra enterprise media file mining applications, to be able to monitor / mine your companies product mentions from the Oprah television program, or a local radio based talk show.”, says Mr. Roken.” “A click away will not only give all current relative information on one’s own product and services (like Coke, Cadillac, and the Cavaliers ), moreover, now one’s competitive product will also be captured and contrasted in relevance. (Pepsi, Porsche, and the Pacers )”.

LD Phonetic Engine1.0 features include:

Unparalleled Accuracy Results                                                                                        

LD Phonetic Engine utilizes no dictionary or lexicon technologies. It is true algorithmic statistically modeled architecture. Exactitude of searches on jargon, proper names, acronyms for industries and government approach the high 90 percentile range. If one can phonetically type it, the LD Phonetic Engine will find it!

No Content Based Charges                                                                                                

The LD Phonetic Engine has no “hidden” costs in terms of charges for hours of indexing. This business model allows the customer to develop scalable applications without the worriment of large payments based upon usage. The LD Consulting philosophy is that the user community should not be burdened with an ulterior marketing ruse. Software usage should never be financially controlled by a vendor.

Real time thin client access

A tantamount of the LD Phonetic engine is the capability to search ingested and indexed media files virtually and globally. There exist no “batch” requests of search results. By utilizing a true browser technology, the LD Engine/Platform is peerless regarding its scalability, usability, and extensibility.

Cost of Ownership

Paramount to the LD Phonetic engine is the total cost of ownership. The marketplace for Audio and Video Mining has beseeched for alternatives from a $ 75,000-100,000+ software price per CPU. The LD Phonetic Engines is less than one quarter of that price with multiple CPU allowances.

Content Based Relevant Searching

Now the capability of existing inside the audio is obtained. Boolean algebra searches along with interfaces to Knowledge Management query bases systems are achievable.

ASP/Service Bureau “Google with ears” capabilities

The LD Consulting partner network allows inter or extra based searching of all media. Radio, Television, and Internet ingestion and indexing is compiled and available as an extension of a companies existing network or as a “Pay per View” clipping service. This neoteric concept does not exists or is available anywhere today, with the exception of the LD Consulting Partner Network.

About LD Consulting, Inc.

LD Consulting, Inc. is a leading provider of scalable, extensible, and accurate audio mining, transcription, and conversational marketing software. LD Consulting, Inc. allows government agencies and commercial enterprises to mine and integrate audio / video media files. Many of the Fortune 100 look to the forward thinking media convergence induction strategies that LD Consulting proposes from a technology perspective. The marketing vista is on the forefront of all solutions proposed by LD Consulting, Inc. By keeping the clients competitive advantage as the focus, LD brings to bear the most cost effectual alternatives to achieving that competitive objective.

LD Consulting / Technologies, Inc.

166 East Levering Mill Road

Suite 205

Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

Office Phone : 856-772-6509

Direct contact and comments :


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Movie Outline OS X Software for Screenwriters

(PRWEB) April 6, 2005

Darc Productions is pleased to announce the release of Movie Outline 2.0 for Mac OS X - an innovative screenplay outlining application with powerful new features including:

PowerView - Customizable Color-Coded View to Plan Your 3 Act Structure

SmartSearch - Keep Track of Characters, Plot Devices & Keywords

HTML Export - Color-Coded Web Page Creation

Story Tasks - Helpful Notes & Ideas Management System


PowerView enables you to view your story structure in a customizable color-coded visual manner alongside your selected Reference Outline.

Your structure is divided into five main sections: Prologue, Act I, Act II, Act III and Denouement, and within Act II there are two Turning Points and the story's Mid-Point. Each stage has its own popup window explaining what it represents and what should be happening in your story at that point.

You can customize the colors for each stage and adjust the scene start points to reflect the structure of your own story, however the Reference Plugin structure is independent of your own in order to help you visually gauge the progress of your story in comparison to your selected movie outline.

With a single click you can expand and collapse the entire outline or individual scenes to reveal or hide scene information, adjust the displayed font, text size and window size to suit your needs and all your settings will automatically be saved for the next time you launch Movie Outline and PowerView.


SmartSearch enables you to keep track of a character, story development, plot device, keyword or phrase through your entire outline in a practical, visual manner.

Simply enter the character name or word you wish to search, such as "John" or "gun", in the SmartSearch window, or select a word in the main outline screen and choose SmartSearch from the new right-click Contextual Menu, and you will instantly see a small blue arrow icon appear beside the title of every scene that includes this text in PowerView, and the line that contains the searched word will be highlighted in red.

You can also independently search words in your currently loaded Reference Outline and both user and reference words will be stored in memory each time you access PowerView.

HTML Export

As well as being able to print and export your outlines to plain text files, rich text files and PDF documents, Movie Outline 2.0 now enables you to export your outline with the current PowerView structure colors to an HTML web page.

You can choose to display a Color Key at the top of your web page and export either a full outline of Titles and Scenes or just a list of Titles. With HTML Export you now have the option of sharing your color-coded outline on the web or with colleagues!

Story Tasks

When writing a story, there are always bound to be ideas popping up along the way about characters and plot points, such as: I must remember to make Jessica find the gun in scene 12 or John should meet Mary before he gets mugged but after his date with Abby. You can't control when inspiration strikes and that's exactly where Story Tasks come in!

To help you keep track of all those complex character arcs, plot devices and story objectives, Movie Outline 2.0 now enables you to keep a task list specific to each outline you create. You can check, uncheck or delete completed tasks and print a full list of task Titles and Notes or just a list of Titles.

Other Key Features:

Simple, user-friendly interface

Movie Reference Plugins for Simultaneous Comparison - 6 Genres Included:

Die Hard

Good Will Hunting


There's Something About Mary

True Romance

When Harry Met Sally

*More available from our online store.

Easy Scene Reordering & Organization

PDF / RTF / TXT Export

Styled Text & Printing

Notes Field

Unlimited Undo / Redo

Find & Replace

Spell Check (130,000 word database)

Tip of the Day - Practical Screenwriting Advice

Mac System Requirements:

OS X operating system.

22 MB of free hard disk space.

233 MHz CPU or higher.

PowerPC G3 Processor or better.

64 MB of RAM.

VGA or higher monitor resolution.

Internet Connection for Download and Product Activation.

Windows System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows® 98/Me/NT/2000/XP operating system.

25 MB of free hard disk space.

200 MHz CPU or higher.

Intel Pentium/Celeron Compatible Processor.

64 MB of RAM.

VGA or higher monitor resolution.

Internet Connection for Download and Product Activation.


Movie Outline 2.0 is available now and may be downloaded through our

Website at



Fastrax Announces New Versions of iSuite 3 GPS Software Development Kit and iTrax03 Firmware

Helsinki, Finland (PRWEB) April 20, 2005

Fastrax Ltd., a leading provider of open and portable OEM GPS Software Development Kit (SDK) environments and programmable OEM GPS receivers, today announced the latest versions of the Fastrax iSuite™ 3 SDK and iTrax03 GPS receiver firmware with numerous new features and updates that significantly improve GPS reception in difficult conditions such as urban canyon environments.

The Fastrax iSuite 3 SDK can be used to rapidly modify the features and functionality of a GPS receiver, allowing receiver performance and power management to be tailored for any usage scenario. By utilizing the spare CPU and memory resources of the GPS receiver, the Fastrax iSuite 3 SDK can significantly reduce the bill of materials and non-recurring expenses of GPS products.

The iSuite 3 SDK is used to develop customer-specific applications to be executed on Fastrax iTrax03 OEM GPS receivers. These applications can utilize the on-chip memory and file system for data and software code storage, and access the various I/O lines on the iTrax03. The SDK is well suited for demanding application development such as interfacing with external sensors and peripheral devices. This allows Fastrax iTrax03 receivers to be used in independent solutions such as wireless asset tracking devices and applications based on geo-fencing databases.

The new firmware for Fastrax iTrax03 OEM GPS receivers has significantly improved performance and includes numerous new features. Highly accurate carrier phase measurements, measurement rates of up to 100 Hz, and improved data logging enable completely new market segments for iTrax03 receivers. The firmware is available for download at

New or improved features in version 3.11 of the iSuite SDK include:

Costas PLL tracking loops with accurate carrier phase measurements

Logging system with interval and automode


Pull Fix mode that allows users to query location data

Advanced debugging features, including CPU load measurement (SDK only)

Support for measurement data rates up to 100 Hz

Improved multi-path and cross-correlation mitigation for better performance in urban canyon environments

Improved data decoding sensitivity down to -142 dBm

Reacquisition sensitivity -147 dBm

Faster reacquisition time

Improved navigation sensitivity down to -153 dBm

Improved static circular accuracy: 50% 0.30 meters; 95% 1.16 meters

Further information on the iSuite SDK for software developers can be found at

Fastrax OEM GPS receivers offer industry-leading benefits in performance, size, power consumption and versatility. Fastrax products enable the implementation of position-aware features into practically any device. The GPS modules are ideally suited for both industrial tracking systems and small battery-operated products such as mobile phones, asset tracking devices, handheld computers and sports accessories.

Fastrax contact:

Matti Räty

President / CEO

Tel. +358 400 431 124

Fastrax agency contact:

Netprofile Tech PR

Juha Rantanen

Tel. +358 9 6812 080

About Fastrax Ltd

Fastrax provides industry-leading receivers and software solutions for optimal utilization of GPS (Global Positioning System) and other GNSS location services (Global Navigation Satellite Systems). Fastrax transforms GPS technologies into highly scalable iTrax and iSuite solutions with open interfaces, combined to ultra low power consumption and miniature hardware design. With industry-leading performance, Fastrax GPS receivers navigate continuously even in extreme conditions. Receivers are ideally suited to both industrial location applications and high-volume consumer products such as cell phones and sports accessories. Fastrax Engineering Services provide expert services in application design. Headquartered in Finland and founded in 1999, the company is privately owned and backed by leading venture capital investors CapMan, Eqvitec, Startupfactory and Innocap, with a strategic investment by Suunto Corporation, a subsidiary of Amer Group, a leading global supplier of sporting goods equipment.

More information:

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a worldwide satellite navigation infrastructure funded and controlled by the U.S. Department of Defense, originally developed for U.S. military purposes. GPS provides satellite signals that enable GPS receivers to calculate their exact position and velocity. The GPS infrastructure has three segments. The space segment consists of 24 satellites that orbit the earth every 12 hours. The control segment consists of tracking stations located around the world, with the master control station located at Falcon Air Force Base in Colorado. The user segment consists of GPS receivers and users utilizing the information provided by the system. GPS is widely used in applications such as marine navigation.

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Maitre’D Software is Ranked #1 by the Hospitality Technology POS Scoreboard

(PRWEB) June 14, 2005

SQL Hospitality LLC, a full service provider of hospitality software, systems and service to casinos, hotels, country clubs, restaurants, theatres, night clubs, race tracks, quick service, fine dining, home delivery and web-based businesses, is now a value added reseller (VAR) of Maitre’d software.

Maitre'D Software Suite is ranked #1 by the Hospitality Technology POS Scoreboard in:

-Overall Performance

-Ease of Integration

-Return on Investment

-Leading Table Service Software

-Quality of Support & Service

-Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Maitre’D Point of Sale software is fully integrated with Back-Office applications. The POS Suite provides each terminal with multiple functionalities to help you streamline your operations, whether you are operating a bar, a dining room, a take-out counter, or all of the above!

The Maitre’D POS software takes you to a new level of reliability and expertise with its open architecture and its state-of-the-art technologies to meet your emerging needs and surpass your expectations. The POS Suite includes multiple graphical interfaces that give you the possibility to personalize terminal screens per employee, per operation or even per level of management. Each employee logon screen can be customized with a different message, as well as preferred colors, fonts, icons and language.

-Table Service

-Quick Service/Drive-Thru


-Handheld/Wireless Applications

-Management Functions

-Peripheral Interfaces


Maitre’D Back-Office

All Maitre’D solutions are seamlessly integrated, so the flow of data between the POS and the Back-Office is consistent and provides unparalleled optimization of information analysis. The Back-Office offers the following modules and features:

-Purchase Order Management: When new orders are created, information can be sent automatically to your accounts payable application providing more efficiency.

-Accounts Receivable: Maitre’D has accounts receivable functions that will allow users to create and manage house accounts easily and without third party intervention. Use Accounts Receivable to manage customer files; print out customer statements; create personalized credit cards; and issue pre-paid meal cards for university students or for employee cafeterias.

-Accounting and Payroll Interfaces: This practical application offers special interfaces to General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Timekeeping and Payroll that allow you to save a considerable amount of time while eliminating human error, as you will no longer have to re-enter data into your accounting application.

Maitre’D transfers data automatically to your accounting software application, creates balanced accounting transactions from Maitre’D POS and Back-Office, and provides auditable accounting entries.

-Time and Attendance

-Real-time Inventory Control

-Report Center

-Frequent Diner & Gift Card programs

-Full Documentation and Context Sensitive Help

Sharing Data with QuickBooks

General Ledger entries, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll can all be sent to your accounting application automatically. Data is shared using the QuickBooks SDK. Data exportation is automatic.

Main Benefits of this Product

Maitre'D offers fully integrated solutions which provides you with real-time information. Since data exportation is automatic, your records will always be up to date and greater accuracy is ensured since it is not required to re-enter any data.

Maitre’D Corporate Solutions

Fortunately, technology can save you from many time consuming tasks while ensuring greater accuracy. Maitre’D e-Global is a powerful management solution that was built to offer business intelligence to any restaurant chain seeking to streamline operations in their numerous holdings. Offering flexible hardware and software configurations and innovations in database management, Maitre’D e-Global is an ideal solution for any growing business.

Maitre’D ASP Solutions


The DataBoard is a web-based business monitoring tool that allows restauranteurs to access reports and graphics on their sales and/or costs at any instance via the Internet. It also provides an alert function that sends customizable alerts in real time.


Maitre'D MealZone is an online ordering system that offers revolutionary 2-way communication technology. This application will help you increase your sales while offering your customers a convenient way to order meals from your restaurant. Some features include:

-Integrated with Maitre’D POS and Back-Office solutions

-Sends orders in real time

-Automatic replies to customers

-Reporting capabilities

-Delivery charge and tip management

-Tools to create member sections

-Customer loyalty programs

-Simplified group ordering

-Unlimited number of menus

-Flexible and configurable interface

-Order history available for easy repeat ordering

-Fax and email backup capabilities

System Requirements:

Minimum CPU required: Pentium III

Minimum memory required: 512 MB

Minimum hard disk space required: 500 MB

Operating system version: Windows 98/2000/NT/XP/XPE

Hardware, software, installation, help desk, warranty and maintenance is provided by:

SQL Hospitality LLC, a full service provider of hospitality software, systems and service to casinos, hotels, country clubs, restaurants, theatres, night clubs, race tracks, quick service, fine dining, home delivery and web-based businesses. For more information, please visit or call Nancy Hopkins, SVP Sales, at (214) 358-3080.


SQL Hospitality, LLC

2928 Blystone Lane

Dallas, TX 75220


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