The White Mountain Footwear Group Revives Historic NH Facility While Restoring Employment

Westwood MA and Lisbon NH (PRWEB) September 05, 2013

The White Mountain Footwear Group with offices in Westwood Massachusetts and Lisbon NH is pleased to announce a new ecommerce initiative to provide our retail partners and our important consumers a new web based branding and sales platform. The White Mountain Footwear Group (WMFG) consists of its three major brands, White Mountain Shoes, Rialto Shoes and Cliffs by White Mountain Shoes. White Mountain is also in the process of launching its new brand, Summit by White Mountain.

Barry Bresnick, Director of eCommerce Development for the White Mountain Footwear Group, explains that White Mountain has a fabulous opportunity to leverage its many abilities in bringing the recognition and perception of its three brands to the level they deserve in the market place.

Amy Barnes, eCommerce Merchandise Manager, said, “White Mountain is the best kept secret in the footwear industry. It’s a substantial company that designs, sources, manufactures and sells great footwear products. The company has some of the best experts in the footwear industry.”

“White Mountain has its historic roots as a small town American manufacture in Lisbon NH nestled in the White Mountains. The company, at one point, provided important local employment in producing some of the best quality shoes at a very affordable price. White Mountain has always been the brand at the front of your closet,” Barry Bresnick added.

Bresnick further explained that the vibrancy of the local manufacturing economy in the 70’s and 80’s gave way to imports in a move to survive in a competitive market place. Local manufacturing was shut down and the Lisbon NH historic landmark became largely unused.

“The partners were smart in realizing they had to do a better job of presenting their products, supporting their retailers and reaching out to their consumer,” Bresnick said. The new web platform centers on the three new sites,, and He explained that the company history, better photography and graphics, lifestyle imagery, clearly focused branding and easy navigation are hallmarks of the new sites.

Kevin Mancuso, one of the four White Mountain partners, said, “It’s been a little frustrating trying to present our combined company in an effective manner. We have decades of experience in making high quality affordable shoes with understandable fashion. Our eCommerce department hit the nose on the head with the term Classically Refined. Our ecom team has now given us the tools to tell our story to both our retailers and our consumer. I won’t rest until the White Mountain name is widely recognized as the best made, greatest looking shoe at the best price. Because of their comfort, once you wear them, they never see the back of the closet.”

Partners Greg Connors and his brother Nick live in NH and go back to the beginnings of the White Mountain Footwear Company. Greg said, “My brother and I had a vision, it was simpler back then. You hired good people from your home town and you became one big family. We depended on our employees and they depended on us. They had the same pride as we did in making and sending our shoes all over the country.”

Nick Connors adds, “I love what the ecommerce team has done to further our company, but most of all, I come to work every day now seeing our home (building) rejuvenated, being used to house and ship all our products. It feels like the old days when community counted. We haven’t brought back employment to where it was but we see it coming. We have a great story to tell.”

Peter Fong, also a partner in White Mountain Shoes, said “Our ecommerce project has put a new face on our company. It makes us focus on our strengths and widens our ability to reach new distribution for our products. It just makes the pie a bigger pie.”

Bresnick summed it up saying, “The Company has a great culture of bringing family values to the work place. I like seeing good guys finish first. We have just started reaching out to new consumers. Our sales managers are reaching out to new important retailers. Going up to Lisbon, seeing the majesty of the area and the friendliness of the people is wonderful. For me this is like being on a star ship going where we have never gone before and at the same time getting back to our roots.”

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