DeskManager DMS Adds Support for Multiple Warranties

Los Angeles (PRWEB) October 17, 2013

Auto dealers can attach up to five service contracts to any deal with the help of a new feature in the latest version of DeskManager DMS, released Wednesday.

DeskManager 11.94.1 improves on prior versions of the software, which allowed only one service contract to be attached to each deal. It introduces an entirely new screen that lets users choose from service contracts pre-defined with the Setup tool, or create a new one from scratch and calculate its cost.

AutoManager CEO Kami Tafreshi called the new feature “a significant new revenue generator” for DeskManager dealers. “In an industry with ever-tightening margins, this opens the door for dealers to offer more than the competition and bolster revenue in the process,” Tafreshi said.

While extended warranties are perhaps the first sales opportunity that may come to mind, Tafreshi noted that the new feature could also be used to add items such as roadside assistance, anti-theft plans, and support plans for aftermarket products to a deal.

DeskManager 11.94.1 will itemize these additions when printing retail installment contracts that provide space for multiple service contracts. Dealers are encouraged to contact their forms provider to verify whether it supports this feature.

For information about DeskManager 11.94.1 or to download the free demo, visit the AutoManager home page.

About the Company

AutoManager is a DMS, online vehicle marketing and dealer website provider with over 25 years of experience helping independent and franchise dealers increase sales and business productivity. AutoManager now serves over 6,000 users across the U.S. and Canada.

DeskManager DMS and the WebManager online marketing platform are scalable solutions for car, truck, boat, RV and even airplane dealers. Both are priced aggressively to satisfy the needs of small independents, and can be expanded with a litany of high tech add-ons that allow them to serve the needs of larger franchise dealers. Above all else, AutoManager takes pride in its reputation for excellent post-sale support and service.

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