The LCO Group Announces a Low-priced, Turn-key Disaster Recovery and Backup Solution, and a Free Business Continuity Assessment

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 17, 2010

The LCO Group announces a low-priced, turn-key disaster recovery and backup solution, and a limited time offer for a free business continuity assessment.

The LCO Group, a leading provider of technology consulting services in New York City, announced today that they have unveiled version 2.0 of their industry-acclaimed Sentinel Backup and Disaster Recovery All-In-One Solution.

The Sentinel System is an all-in-one backup and disaster recovery solution for small to mid-sized businesses. Typically, small businesses rely on tape, online, disk based backup, or a combination of such technologies. In the event of system failure however, these methods are far from foolproof: according to Microsoft, 40% of all full-tape restore attempts fail, and online backup solutions suffer risks like slow restores and data insecurity. The Sentinel System can help businesses mitigate these risks by offering continuous, disk-based local and offsite co-located backup, local and remote virtualization ability, and does not require any changes to existing infrastructure.

The heart of the Sentinel System consists of a local Continuous Protection Device (CDP) device that makes fast, reliable disk based backup copies of client data as often as every five minutes. At night, the data is sent, using 256 bit encryption, to two secure offsite data centers where copies of the data reside. In the event of a server outage, the local device, which can be configured with up to 36gb of RAM and RAID arrays of up to 10 terabytes, can be brought up as a Virtual Copy of the downed server in as little as 30 seconds. No matter what OS or role the source server was handling Exchange, SQL, File / Print, or Domain Controller the Sentinel can become a virtual twin of that server. With the higher level models, as many as 16 servers can be run off of one Sentinel device.

Sentinel also provides true business continuity: if the entire client-site is lost, the client can easily declare a disaster, and remotely access their data on virtual servers located in co-location facilities where their nightly backups are stored. These virtual servers can be accessed either from users homes, or from dedicated hot-seat facilities. When the clients site resumes operation, a Sentinel device, complete with all up-to-date, modified data, will be express shipped to the clients site, where bare-metal restores can take place onto the clients servers. No lengthy over-the-internet downloads or complicated fail-back processes are required.

For businesses that are looking to reap the benefits of low-cost disaster recovery and business continuity with the latest virtualization technology, Sentinel represents a next-generation solution and an investment in your companys future.

The LCO Group is New Yorks leading provider of next generation technology services. LCOs other offerings include complete infrastructure support, managed services, security assessments, compliance analysis, 24×7 network and server monitoring, and other outsourced consulting services.

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