QNAP Releases 6.4TB High Speed EvoStor RAID Subsystem

(PRWEB) September 29, 2005

QNAP Systems, Inc. has released the latest EvoStor RAID subsystem—ESR-1641CT. EvoStor stands for Evolutional Storage, which is the design concept of QNAP to develop innovative and evolutional RAID subsystem.

QNAP ESR-1641CT is a 4U standard 19″ rack-mount designed SCSI to SATA RAID subsystem. The system can be equipped with 16 SATA hard disks to support mass storage capacity of up to 6.4TB. Server-standard 64-bit Intel Xeon CPU and PCI-X 133 distributed bus architecture are adopted to ensure excellent performance. ESR-1641CT can be connected to a host via Ultra 320 SCSI to perform high-speed I/O and network operation. The data transfer rate can be up to 500MB/sec to ensure high-speed access to database and audio & visual data processing.

In addition to providing enterprise speedy and stable storage of mass data, ESR-1641CT also carries innovative functions of storage system management. The storage management software EvoStor Manager provides a graphic and user-friendly interface for in-band and remote management. Data and commands can be transferred via SCSI interface simultaneously without extra transfer cable, saving server connection cost and reducing management complexity. User can easily manage ESR-1641CT locally or remotely by simply connecting host to the network. QNAP also provides the latest EvoStor Windows ActiveX components to allow administrator to integrate the system to particular website or application to develop custom-made and advanced management platform.

QNAP EvoStor RAID series is the most ideal selection for enterprise and business storage solution. The simple storage configuration and management method provides low cost, high efficiency, high capacity and reliability RAID subsystem. ESR-1641CT is the best storage solution for all kinds of business and different demand for data management.

ESR-1641CT Feature:

4U standard 19” rack mount RAID subsystem

SCSI Ultra 320 host channel x 2 to SATA HDD x 16

Built-in Intel Xeon high speed 64-bit server standard processor

Built-in 128 MB ECC RAM, can expand to 2 GB

Intelligent LCD panel for function settings and management

Supports multiple fault-tolerant RAID configuration

Supports various operation systems

Supports disk hot swapping, auto-detection of errors, and online rebuilding

Graphic management software—EvoStor Manager, for convenient monitoring and remote management of RAID subsystem

Please go to http://www.qnap.com.tw/en/product_ia.asp?model=EvoStor-1641CT

for more product information.


About QNAP

QNAP Systems, Inc. (QNAP) is a devoted and dominant provider of Internet Appliance (IA) products. QNAP was a previous IA business unit of ICP Electronics, Inc. (ICP). We have more than 3 years’ solid and successful experience in designing and developing innovative and customized IA products. Our extensive expertise and product lines cover networking storage, digital surveillance and message communication.

QNAP has our own R&D, business development, and technical support sections to provide quality customer-oriented services. Until now QNAP has already released more than 20 NAS models for SMB (small and medium business). Our IA products have received IDO 9001 qualification, covering product design, manufacturing and supply. QNAP is dedicated to providing top quality products in the market and offering complete support to our customers.


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