New Encryption Software from Protexx Allows for up to 2048-bit Encryption for Network Data Communications

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) October 12, 2005

Wireless and wired Internet users from private individuals to major corporations now have the ability to encrypt their e-mail and data transmissions in a secured environment instantly.

As almost every industry and millions of individuals struggle with identity theft and information protection problems, Protexx Encryption Softwares ability to totally protect against unauthorized access and transmissions, adds the ultimate security level for businesses wishing to achieve total security solutions for their data management. Protexx securely encrypts data transmissions to and from inter and Intranet platforms.

The integration of digital signatures through Protexxs partner NXCONN allows us to act as a Certificate Authority from their secure server in Plainview, New York eliminating the use of pins and passwords. NXCONN a premier provider of broadband services, who hosts the NOC, (Network Operation Center) provides the technical support for Protexxs growing list of clients. Secure Information Technology Highway (S.I.T.H.) is Protexx’s next generation VPN technology, which provides the maximum available level of security and user authentication to eliminate fraudulent transactions while at the same time allowing total control of access to your internal networks.

“The ability now of small to medium business enterprises to be able to comply with laws protecting privacy and security are available instantly Peter Letizia, Protexx President said. Were finding that the Protexx solution immediately pays for itself within our client base. Without hardware or appliances our Secure Information Technology Highway ensures that server, client and remote communications happen within a secured environment with more than 10X the security level of todays standards. You have the flexibility of choosing multiple encryption algorithms (128, 256, 3DES and our own 2048bit Dynamic Encryption).

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) create secure communication paths from one point to another, by encrypting the information packets from point A, to decrypting them at point B, and vice versa

Because of S.I.T.H.s dynamic capabilities, it is possible to create a tunnel within a tunnel for a very secure environment to eliminate unwanted access. Public and Private Key Pairs handle accessibility to S.I.T.H. Protexx’s 2048bit-encryption technology creates minimal CPU overhead and compresses MP4 video technology. This increases both the performance and security levels of remote video communication through IP based networks. Doctors will now have the capability of seeing a patient remotely with secure technology that far exceeds todays HIPPA standards. Letizia stated further.

Accessibility to the tunnel is limited by public and private Key pairs. Establishing these key pairs ensures that only the authorized users have the ability to transmit, view or access the information transmitted between the two authorized locations.

Tunnel communications through the transport layer of a network infrastructure provides extremely high network performance. The tunnel can also be established as a separate and different layer conveniently fitting on top of established environments such as: Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Wireless Technology, Existing Networks, Server to Server Communication, and Server to Client Communication.

When coupled with an approved firewall infrastructure, S.I.T.H. provides the ability to create a Virtual Security Network (VSN) , the next generation of enterprise security.

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