MobAff Tracker Releases Brand New Report To Help Identify High Quality Leads

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 09, 2013

Following the launch of their new mobile analytics and optimization platform last month, performance marketing network MobAff is now releasing a brand new report that help users determine which traffic channels, graphic elements, and targeting efforts are yielding the highest quality leads.

“For advertisers, there has always been a disconnect between the front end action and the back end conversion. Using our new report, we can now drill down to the individual click level to uncover which installs, leads, or registrations yielded the highest ROI for our partners. This helps them to greatly improve the quality of their traffic, says Alexander Tsatkin, MobAff CEO.

The report is easy to generate for users. Simply paste the click ids that correspond to the best users, and get a detailed matrix report of all the tracked variables to uncover exactly what traffic yielded performance. Simple as that, adds Alex.

The new reporting feature is immediately available to all MobAff Tracker users.

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About MobAff LLC

MobAff LLC is a performance marketing network that connects mobile advertisers and publishers through Cost Per Action advertising. Using a proprietary tracking technology, MobAff is able to scale campaigns without sacrificing the quality of leads. With international reach, MobAff has worked with advertisers from various verticals, and helped them enable effective optimization of ad spend and performance.

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