Inaugural AIIM Trendscape Report Highlights A Cloudy Future For Businesses

Silver Spring, MD (PRWEB) September 11, 2013

Citing a need for better insight into core industry issues, AIIM has issued its inaugural AIIM Trendscape report titled Content in the Cloud. Each quarter a new Trendscape report will tackle questions surrounding important issues for senior business leaders. Todays report emphasizes that business leaders are apprehensive about using cloud computing, yet at the same time they are eager to embrace the technology. The report states that adopting cloud computing technology is seen as a way to provide support for mobile applications and devices, and help promote the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) to work philosophy.

The Trendscape is a new model designed to help senior executives set aside the hype and gain a better understanding of key issues that are driving todays business environment. Each Trendscape report will examine an important industry issue, discuss insights from AIIMs global Executive Leadership Council, and outline ideas and questions for business leaders to consider. The Trendscape is divided into four sections that highlight priorities, potential outcomes, desired goals, outstanding issues and AIIMs recommendations for addressing the challenges identified.

Our Executive Leadership Council consists of nearly 50 business leaders from the United States and Europe who have their finger on the pulse of todays business environment, said AIIM President John Mancini. We created the AIIM Trendscape to help business leaders move beyond industry hype, gain a better understanding of critical business issues, and outline ideas to help improve their businesses. As discussed in todays report, cloud computing continues to be an important topic and, while there are many executives who have concerns about adopting cloud technology, our research indicates that these concerns are greatly outweighed by the potential benefits.

Throughout the discussion about cloud computing with the ELC, it is clear that there are varying opinions on cloud computing. Corporate marketing departments have spent the past few years hyping cloud computing from multiple angles which has made it unclear what is fact and what is fiction. The AIIM ELC believes that, in order for companies to be successful, they must understand cloud computing from a business-centric perspective, not a technology-centric view.

Other key findings in the AIIM report include:

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