Globanet Upgrades Its Email Migration Software GEM

Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY (PRWEB) March 25, 2010

Globanet (, a global leader in specialized software for data migration, announces its recent upgrades to GEM. The products updated version expands on its existing functionality by supporting new platforms for data migration into Symantecs Enterprise Vault. New platforms and enhancements include Tumbleweed Communications (now Axway), advanced chain-of-custody reporting, and server agent architecture for secured transmission of data.

Using the Globanet Email Migrator (GEM), clients are able to consolidate stored email data into Enterprise Vault and retire their previous archiving systems. Once consolidated, clients only have to maintain the database containing their email correspondence which is regulated by SEC compliance rules. Concerns regarding potential loss of data integrity during a migration keep organizations from abandoning their existing systems. GEM eliminates those risks by enabling administrators to migrate data while maintaining chain of custody. In addition, GEM enhances Enterprise Vault’s existing functionality for organizations already using Enterprise Vault.

Recently, GEM was used at a multi-national financial firm to decommission Tumbleweed and yet retain supervisory data that was in the Tumbleweed system. Tumbleweed is a program that was used to capture a firms inbound and outbound email correspondence. The email messages were subject to compliance review and contained supervisory annotations from compliance officers who had commented on the events that had transpired and documented in emails of monitored individuals. In order for the firm to comply with SEC Rule 17a-4, it was required to retain the messages stored by Tumbleweed as well as the supervisory data when decommissioning the system. The firm decided to consolidate the stored email data by leveraging Globanets product GEM which proved to be a complete solution.

GEM is unique in its capability to decommission legacy archiving systems such as Tumbleweed and give stakeholders peace of mind that all information including supervisory commentary about archived messages are safely retained during migration and thus compliance with SEC regulations maintained, said Sevag Ajemian, President of Globanet. One of our recent projects with a multi-national financial firm exemplifies this ability of GEM and really pushes Globanet to the forefront of the IT industry when it comes to dealing with data archives effectively. GEM has been largely successful and will continue to be improved upon as new technologies are developed.

GEM is an application developed by Globanet to provide seamless migration of data from a variety of information sources into Symantec Enterprise Vault. It transfers email data from several platforms such as Iron Mountain Email Management, Zantaz Digital Safe, GFI MailArchiver, AXS-One (for DXL file migration), and now Tumbleweed Communications and EMC (Legato) EmailXtender. GEM has the ability to migrate email archives into Enterprise Vault (EV), migrate EV data across hardware, migrate between different EV sites, reprocess existing data archived in earlier versions of EV allowing for cost savings on storage, and repatriate email data from hosting providers.

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