embWiSe Supports SDIO-WiFi with Its SDIOWorx, Linux SDIO stack

Chennai, India (PRWEB) September 21, 2005

embWiSe Technologies, a start-up in Chennai, India has announced support for SDIO-WiFi driver with their SDIOWorx Linux SDIO stack.embWiSe has partnered with a leading WLAN vendor in North America and integrated their reference driver with their Linux SDIO stack and will be delivering the SDIO-WLAN driver in Binary bundled with the SDIOWorx.With this embWiSe will be offering comprehensive wireless client driver solutions with SDIOWorx.SDIOWorx already has support for Bluetooth(TypeA) cards and the driver is delivered with the stack in source code as a reference sample driver.

embWiSe also had ported SDIOWorx on Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000 PDA. The SDIOWorx package for Zaurus SL-C3000 comes complete with the stack/Bus driver and drivers for the Host Controller, SD/MMC memory cards, SDIO-Bluetooth (Type A) and SDIO-WiFi.

“We are seeing an increased interest for Linux based SDIO solutions. The addition of Wi-Fi support to our SDIOWorx stack would enable the device vendors to add SDIO-WiFi functionality to their SDIO based designs straightaway, reducing their engineering effort and time to market. Also the bundled SDIO-WiFi reference driver with the SDIOWorx stack offers a significant advantage for the Host CPU vendors to test and validate the SD I/O functionality and performance in their SDIO Host Controller designs” said G.Srinivasan, Managing Director of embWiSe.

“One of the challenges, from what we have heard from some of our potential semicon and mobile device customers, is about apprehensions on the grey area or the interpretation of the Linux GPL. We have to respect the GPL as well as our agreement with the SDCard Association. So we have a unique design for our SDIOWorx, which mitigates the issues related to GPL and giving the flexibility to our customers to redistribute the stack in binary” said V.Alagusankar, Chief Technology Officer of embWiSe.

The Linux version of SDIOWorx has support for SD/MMC/MMCMobile and MMCPlus memory cards, SDIO-Bluetooth (TypeA), a generic SD-UART and SDIO-WiFi.The Host platform support includes the standards based controller from Arasan Chip Systems and Tokyo Electron Devices and Intel PXA270 (Bulverde).embWiSe intends to support a few more Host and OS platforms, going forward.embWiSe also has a basic uITRON SDIO stack with support for SD/MMC memory and SD-UART client drivers.

“The SDIOWorx support on the Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000 PDA would provide an alternate cheaper Host platform for the SDIO peripheral client card vendors to test and validate their driver as well as demonstrate their technology on a PDA platform to their potential customers” added Srinivasan. The typical client side customers would include semicon and card vendors in the DVB, GPS, Zigbee, WLAN and RFID technology domains.

For more information contact embWiSe at: info@embwise.com

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