Cast Aside Technology Stereotypes by Carrying Devices in Tattooed Leather with New OOUUFF Process

Waikiki, Honolulu, HI (PRWEB) September 11, 2013

It isnt news that consumers are very attached to their tech products and rely heavily on their phones, tablets and computers in their everyday lives. However, instead of allowing tech products to define the consumer, OOUUFFs custom designs give owners the power to share their original and unique style with the fashion world by tattooing their photographic images to bags and cases for their devices. Currently in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign, OOUUFF hopes to help backers create personalized high quality leather products that are exclusively their own.

It has become the social norm for people to have their devices with them at all times, making technology a pivotal part of everyday life and a status symbol. With everyone owning smartphones, tablets and computers, owners aim to differentiate themselves from others by adding personal touches to their devices. Since each brand has different stereotypes associated with it, simply purchasing an iPhone versus an Android automatically categorizes the consumer. While the average iPhone user is a highly educated, tech-savvy and well traveled woman living in a city, Android owners are usually men located in rural areas that prefer functionality over sleek design. However, for those that do not fit into these stereotypes, OOUUFF offers owners a way to combat brand clich

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