Advanced Time Clock System Moves Payroll from Dinosaur to Cost-Saving Lead

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 27, 2013

MinuteHound offers a system for time and attendance which brings the payroll process forward with the latest technology. In what often seems like a holdover from the steam powered industrial age, ancient mechanical time clocks and paper time cards still complicate the process of calculating a fair day’s pay.

No one in the payroll department needs to be reminded of the burdens such a system imposes upon them every week: checking time clock accuracy, resolving handwritten notations and corrections, performing arithmetic, entering data. Supervisors have to ensure that everything is above board in the time clock process, making sure no “buddy punching” or other versions of “time theft” are going on, making judgment calls when equipment is malfunctioning, and keeping track of who’s on the job and who didn’t show up, showed up late or left early.

Keeping track of labor hours is itself labor intensive. With MinuteHound, it’s not any more. Using the latest biometric and computer technologies, the whole process is tidied up into a simple finger swipe on arrival and when leaving. The system identifies the worker, records accurate current time, and stores the records in a safe place for payroll to download and run.

MinuteHound is not a complicated, just a wise application of the latest technologies. Besides efficiency, payroll costs can drop up to eight percent right away, with accounting labor and time inaccuracy both benefiting significantly.

A finger scanner for the MinuteHound system costs less than $ 100 and removes the line waiting for the time clock to punch their cards or enter identification codes. Processing each worker costs only pennies per day. For multiple locations or very large shift changes, companies can use as many scanners as they need. MinuteHound can start in a single department, and easily scale to a multinational operation.

When payroll time comes, the finger scan data which contains an Internet time stamp and employee identification is ready to download. All the data is available 24 hours a day and ready to upload to a payroll processing service right away. The time card process is not just reduced, but appears to vanish. Many time clock fingerprint reviews state the same.

Behind the scenes, MinuteHound Information Technology engineers and workers maintain server systems in several locations that keep copies of employee scan data so it can’t become lost or unavailable. These servers also provide in-depth reports, alerts and research tools for management to check the current status of operations. Payroll turns from paper-laden dinosaur to model of efficiency and reliability in one simple judgment call.

MinuteHound specializes in using technology to create win-win situations. Companies which make the easy transition to finger scan timekeeping not only move from paper card dinosaurs to an efficient, push-of-a-button payroll process, but they do it at very low cost and with significant operational cost savings for each week’s payroll.

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