iGenApps Prepares to Unveil the Future of Mobile App Development

(PRWEB) August 07, 2013

iGenApps, the next generation of app development, is preparing to release its highly acclaimed mobile app development platform. With the continued growth of the smartphone user base worldwide and the ever increasing demand for mobile application development, iGenApps is looking to disrupt the app building market with its low cost, easy to use option. The codeless application development startup has found a lead investor, and is seeking additional funding.

iGenApps aims to be the breakout application development platform, and is poised for tremendous growth with the booming app development market. With over 1.8 billion active smartphones and tablets across the world and growing, the demand for mobile apps by both businesses and mobile device users continues to increase. But with the cost of app development averaging $ 50,000 and the high level of technical knowledge required to build apps, the prospect of creating a custom mobile app has remained out of reach for many businesses and individuals until now.

iGenApps aims to eliminate these barriers and give users a low cost, user friendly option for building apps. The cloud based platform provides users with a codeless mobile app builder that allows them to create powerful custom web applications. The platform requires little or no technical knowledge, and allows users to create and edit their applications on their iPhones or Android devices. With its unique, patented method, iGenApps is positioned to continue its expansion into the mobile application development market.

“Our team have noticed that small businesses without their own mobile apps are simply off the radar for modern consumers,” says Norman Ortiz, Founder and CEO of iGenApps Inc. “We have eliminated the technical and financial barriers for these businesses to build apps, at low cost, without a programmer, and without even a computer.”

iGenApps has been acclaimed for its platform, winning 1st place in the International CTIA Big Idea Contest, also chosen by DEMO 2012 and Distilled Intelligence 2.0, and has been cited by several publications, including VentureBeat, WIRED, ComputerWorld, Reuters, and Yahoo Finance.

The company is currently undergoing a round of Angel fundraising, and is active on AngelList. Investment is being led by Sierra Maya Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on early stage technology companies. Funds will be allocated towards finishing the platforms backend development, scaling the companys technology team, and ramping up marketing efforts.

“At Sierra Maya Ventures, we like to invest in founders who are passionate and are looking to create innovative solutions for everyday problems, says Amish Shah, Managing Partner at Sierra Maya Ventures. Norman and his team at iGenapps do that by opening the doors for anyone to create a mobile application quickly, easily, and with no prior knowledge. The app development industry has been forced to go mobile, where iGenApps holds fundamental IP, an ideal scenario for revenue growth through strategic partnerships.”

With the continuous growth of the smartphone industry and the high demand for mobile apps, iGenApps is well poised for growth and success. The desire for a low cost, non-technical, user friendly, mobile app development is high, and has led to other successes. Most notable is the acquisition of the M.dot app by GoDaddy. The application was acquired only 6 months after being funded, and reportedly acquired for over $ 15 million. Another recent acquisition was the one by Intel for AppMobi but this seems to be just the beginning.

“There are nearly 575,000 apps in the App Store but more than 38 billion websites on the web. That’s the opportunity we are pursuing,” says Ortiz. “We are very confident that with our platform, iGenApps will be a catalyst towards the growth of mobile web applications and the increasing demand to share information in the form of an App.”

To learn more about iGenApps, visit their website at http://igenapps.com, or AngelList profile at https://angel.co/igenapps.

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