Homes for Sale in St. Petersburg, FL Now Listed for Buyers Online by PLB Investment Group

St. Petersburg, Florida (PRWEB) June 04, 2013

Locating housing in populous cities can be hard for a person not using realtors for listings. Few options exist outside of real estate agencies to find a source of homes ready to purchase. The PLB Investment Group has now listed its newest homes for sale in St. Petersburg, FL online. These listings represent the company owned homes that have been acquired recently and are now up for sale to buyers. These homes can be viewed on the company website at and offers can be made online.

The purchase price of a new home could require third party financing to complete a sale. Mortgage companies provide a resource that many buyers use to help finance the actual purchase. A person with less than perfect credit in Florida could be disadvantaged during the approval process for mortgages. Tighter credit restrictions are now found with many companies and approval can be hard to come by for a person with credit issues.

The homes now listed for sale by the PLB Group are able to qualify for alternative financing. This method of helping home buyers is a new service put into place this year.

The company supplied financing options that are now presented to buyers is one effort made to help remove the credit blockade that can be found through some realtors or mortgage companies. The company owned homes now listed online are provided to encourage people with all types of credit ratings to apply for purchase. Many of the properties that are now included on the company website are sold below market value. The acquisition efforts made by this company as well as the creative financing put into place has helped to provide these affordable homes.

One new feature apart from the company listings on the company website is the total redesign of the graphics and content. Easier methods to access information about company services and available properties are now presented to website visitors. This redesign has also helped to establish the new company blog. This new blog section was created to assist buyers and sellers of real estate in Southern Florida.

The new website design includes easier methods for contacting company specialists online. The new website contact form available for current real estate listings or other informational requests is now one of the fastest methods to receive a reply online.

About PLB Investment Group

The PLB Investment Group company is based in Tampa, Florida and provides immediate assistance to buyers and sellers of FL real estate not working with a realty company or agent. These alternative services are part of a company wide expansion earlier this year. The services that are now part of the consumer offerings have been well received in the local area. The PLB Investment Group recently finished its website redesign to provide better access to men and women using its website as a resource online. This company maintains its local business number and also provides online contact methods to speed up company response times.

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