Hantro adds Coding Technologies aacPlus Audio Codec to Their Portfolio of Mobile Multimedia Technologies

3G Congress, Hong Kong (PRWEB) November 18, 2005

Hantro and Coding Technologies announced today that they have signed an agreement under which Hantro will incorporate the performance optimised aacPlus codec into their mobile multimedia product offering. With quality comparable to MP3 at only a quarter of the bitrate, aacPlus audio is an ideal companion to H.264 / AVC or VC-1 video for delivering an incredible multimedia experience on wireless handsets.

aacPlus is AAC coupled with Coding Technologies’ patented Spectral Band Replication (SBR) and Parametric Stereo technologies. SBR and Parametric Stereo are groundbreaking audio compression techniques that dramatically reduce the size (bit rate) of digital audio files while maintaining the same audio quality. In third-party listening tests, consumers found comparable quality between music files encoded at 128 Kbps in MP3 versus those encoded at 32 Kbps with aacPlus. This level of efficiency fundamentally changes the economics of digital music delivery and enables new applications in mobile and digital broadcasting. Coding Technologies’ aacPlus has been adopted in standards from 3GPP, DVB, DVD Forum, MPEG, and others and is quickly becoming the defacto-standard for mobile handsets worldwide.

Coding Technologies is a natural choice for Hantro to partner with. Says Eero Kaikkonen, President and CEO of Hantro Their implementation of the MPEG-4 aacPlus standard is leading the field for quality and performance, coupled with our video technologies we have created the best foundation for creating the most compelling applications in the most resource limited environments.

Hantros expertise in video coding and its broad solution offerings are a perfect fit for our aacPlus audio technology, added Oliver Kunz, Vice President Strategic Marketing Coding Technologies. Services combining audio and video are in the focus of network operators, manufacturers and users alike, and this deal is offering a best-in-class combination ensuring optimum user experience.

About Hantro

Hantro is a world leader for multimedia technology in mobile handsets. Providing both hardware and software based designs, the company is uniquely positioned to deliver technology solutions for silicon providers, device manufacturers and network operators. Provided as intellectual property and delivering the optimal value and performance proposition, Hantro’s product portfolio includes:

A complete range of hardware and software video codec designs that support MPEG-4, H.263, H.264/AVC and VC-1 formats up to SDTV resolutions

JPEG still-image codecs supporting up to 16MP

AMR and aacPlus audio codecs

A comprehensive suite of pre- and post-processing technologies

Streaming protocols

File format module for .mp4 /.3gp

Multimedia application development platform that simplifies handset integration and shortens lead times, reducing development costs.

A full range of integration and support services for OS and device porting.

With proprietary algorithms, patented technology and a continual product development program, Hantro ensures a more compelling user experience by delivering better quality video with reduced power consumption and CPU load. Extensive participation in the IMTC and M4IF testing programs guarantees compliance with 3GPP standards ensuring full interoperability of applications such as: Camcorder, Video Player, Video Telephony and Mobile TV. For more information please visit http://www.hantro.com

About Coding Technologies

Coding Technologies is a privately held company with offices in Sweden, Germany, and Silicon Valley. Founded in 1997 in Stockholm, the company later merged with a spin-off of the renowned Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, the inventor of MP3. Coding Technologies’ customers include America Online, Ericsson, KDDI, LG, mmO2, Nokia, RealNetworks, Samsung, SK Telecom, Thomson, Texas Instruments, and XM Satellite Radio.

Coding Technologies provides the best audio compression for mobile, broadcasting, and Internet. SBR (Spectral Band Replication) from Coding Technologies is a backward and forward compatible method to enhance the efficiency of any audio codec; putting the “PRO” in mp3PRO and the “Plus” in aacPlus. Parametric Stereo from Coding Technologies and Philips again significantly increases the efficiency of audio codecs for stereo signals at low bit rates. Products from Coding Technologies are fundamental enablers of open standards such as 3GPP, MPEG, Digital Radio Mondiale, HD Radio, DVD and HD-DVD.


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