eMazzanti Tapped as WatchGuard NYC Partner of the Year 2013

Hoboken, NJ and NYC, NY (PRWEB) July 09, 2013

eMazzanti Technologies, IT support and computer consultant in the Hoboken, NJ and New York City areas, is named the New York City Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) Partner of the Year 2013 by WatchGuard Technologies, a network security industry leader.

The purpose of the partner recognition program is to showcase outstanding performance, noted Jim Mulholland, Northeast Regional Sales Manager, WatchGuard Technologies. When our partners demonstrate excellence, we know our customers are in good hands.

The WatchGuard NYC MSSP Partner of the Year award is based on three key criteria: customer service, certification and sales.

Anticipation: eMazzantis New Standard in Customer Service

eMazzanti has established a higher level of customer service for WatchGuard customers by solving many problems before the customer is even aware.

eMazzanti leveraged new technology to create a Productivity Monitoring system to precisely track productivity and address many potential IT problems even before they occur. The unique technology continuously monitors 16 key indicators 24×7 and is generated from the companys job ticketing system.

For example, under the customer service area, eMazzanti has real-time monitoring of customer satisfaction rating trends, open tickets by status, open tickets by tech, open tickets by service type, net change Open/Close ration, tickets resolved by tech, and ticket trends.

For each area monitored, eMazzanti has the results continuously displayed as multiple charts and graphs on three 60 monitors strategically located around the office. In fact, one monitor is placed near the main door so employees can see exactly how the firm is doing with its customers first thing in the morning when they arrive for work and the last thing they as they leave. All employees are also reminded of their personal and team contribution on a daily basis.

In addition, one or more techs are on call all night long to make sure customer networks are up and running, resolving issues before the customer is even aware.

RMA Automation: Building Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

One of the significant benefits of eMazzanti being one of WatchGuards premier partners is the streamlined Return Materials Authorization (RMA) process. When a piece of WatchGuard gear goes down, customers no longer have to worry about justifying an RMA authorization, scheduling shipments, shipping the item or receiving it back again. All of this is handled directly by eMazzanti. “We inventory a variety of WatchGuard firewalls which we use to immediately replace warranted equipment,” said Mazzanti. “WatchGuard then has automated the RMA process for us so we get rapid replacements, no questions asked all while the customers network is already up that same day. From there we ship the replacement unit from WatchGuard to our office for use in any future outages.”

Certification: Proof of Expertise

Another key ingredient to being NY MSSP Partner of the Year is making sure all engineers and service personnel are properly WatchGuard trained and certified. Each of the eMazzanti service team is fully certified to diagnose and repair the depth and breadth of WatchGuards full line of network security solutions. This assures eMazzanti customers the highest level of support.

Three Time Partner of the Year

eMazzanti Technologies has been a WatchGuard Partner of the Year three years.

Its exciting to have partners like eMazzanti aboard, said Mulholland. They have the passion and professionalism that we want our customers to experience. Were very pleased with their dedication and results.

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