Discover the Top Five Essential Parts for Improving Motorcycle Performance

San Bernardino, CA (PRWEB) May 30, 2013

Chaparral Motorsports has identified the top five parts a motorcyclist can modify or replace to improve the overall performance of his or her bike. Although regular maintenance is a must to keep a motorcycle in tip-top shape, there are a few quick updates a rider can make to enhance the riding experience, including to the air filter, exhaust, sprockets, chains and tires. These changes are relatively inexpensive and easy to manage, but the impact they can have on a bike’s performance is significant. View a graphic about motorcycle performance at the company website,

There are five simple ways riders can work to better their motorcycle, and Chaparral Motorsports is available to help out in each of these aspects:

Air Filter

Investing in an aftermarket air filter is an easy way to improve the performance of a bike. A filter manages the amount of air pumped into a motorcycle’s engine, thereby maintaining the process through which the bike runs. Allowing more air to enter the engine of a bike can increase the efficiency of the motor, maximizing its horsepower and torque.


Riders looking to trim the weight of their machines can turn to performance exhausts for help. These parts are typically lighter than their stock counterparts, giving motorists a manageable way to reduce weight while improving power output, mileage and speed.


The material sprockets are made of varies by manufacturer, but replacing with the parts of your choice can fine-tune the motorcycle to your own needs. Steel sprockets are less expensive and longer lasting than other options, so people tend to gravitate toward these parts when upgrading a bike. Riders aiming to improve their speed, however, will likely turn to aluminum sprockets, which weigh less.


Chains work in tune with sprockets, so when you change one you often need to upgrade the other. This piece of the machine is essential to its functionality and deserves to be treated with the utmost care. Replace the chain after 16,000 miles or so, making sure to get the best value – even if it means splurging – and invest in a new sprocket at the same time.


Tires may seem like an obvious element to improve, but too many riders often continue to ride tires that are past their prime. Uneven wear and tear, damages and overuse can severely hinder a riding experience, and the easiest way to regain that new-bike feel is by replacing tires. The right tire for each motorcycle will depend on factors like riding style, experience and skill level, use of the bike and more.

By shopping at Chaparral Motorsports, motorcyclists are giving themselves access to hundreds of different kinds of parts from a variety of top brands, allowing them to find the best fit for their machine no matter what they’re looking to upgrade.

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