College Students Can Now Reveal the Real Story To PortPrep of How They Beat the Odds of Getting Accepted

Guelph, Ontario (PRWEB) May 31, 2013

Art and design students finally have a platform for sharing the truth about the challenges of battling for acceptance into coveted top university programs.

Karen Kesteloot of PortPrep is launching the Beating the Odds Student Success Stories Video Blog Contest on June 1st to give students a voice. Students from around the world can submit video entries by July 4th and win prizes that will prepare them for success.

Every participant will be rewarded 1/2 hour of instruction by Karen Kesteloot. The best entries will receive a full course of summer study that consists of six 2-hour classes within two months. Classes can be conducted in person at the PortPrep studio or through video. Through these classes, Karen aims to prepare students for post-secondary school and give them a competitive edge before classes start.

To join our contest, read the guidelines for your video entries by clicking on this link.


Karen Kesteloot, a leading expert in art portfolios for college admissions, revealed, The real story here is that between 2,000 and 4,000 students apply each year to a top arts program but only 60-150 students can gain admission. How do these students manage to get accepted when so few high schools know what colleges really need?

She also found out that the parents have been frustrated with the education systems limitations. Some of the more challenging programs to get accepted into like Sheridans esteemed Animation program, require students to have studied art in a post secondary institute before applying and often have to re-apply.

A mother of a graphics student named Kylie said, We had no idea she would need drawing for graphicswe realized the only way she could get a portfolio ready in time was to take private lessons.

With these roadblocks to the arts programs unbeknownst to applicants, it begs the question: which students are getting accepted into the better college programs and how are they managing to do it?

Through the entries that you will submit to us, Karen intends to show students applying to the best art and design colleges what they need to do to increase their chances of getting accepted. Students will finally learn what extra lessons or private schooling is truly necessary to get into the most competitive programs!


Karen Kesteloot is a trusted authority on art portfolio preparation and founded PortPrep in a response to the increasing number of students that appealed for help. Karens broad education in art and design enables her to help students from many different disciplines get accepted. Karen has certificates, diplomas and degrees from the following institutions: Humber College, OCA, University of Guelph, Parsons (Paris), Institute Lorenzo de Medici, and Sheridan College and has taught at Sheridan College, University of Guelph, High Point University, and the several independent art schools.

PortPrep is headquartered in Guelph, Ontario, Canada and has enjoyed a 100% placement rate. Karen can be reached at info(at)portprep(dot)com or at 519-803-2539. You can also visit the site at

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