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The global tantalum reserves are about 400,000 tons, the proven tantalum resources are mainly distributed in Australia, Africa and Brazil. Tantalite is mainly distributed in Canada, Russia, South East Asia and China. According to the related information, at present 50% of the tantalum reserves are distributed in Australia and this proportion in Asia, Africa, America and other regions is 21%, 14%, 8% and 7% respectively.

In 2012, the global supply of tantalum reached 1,410 tons, increased by 6.4% compared with last year; in recent five years, the global tantalum metal output has remained at 1,200 to 1,400 tons.

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In the recent years, Chinas tantalum industry has developed rapidly, the total output increased constantly, and the high-end products account for nearly 60% of the total market share in the global market; China has occupied an extremely important position in the global tantalum-niobium industry. In 2012, Chinas tantalum output reached 475 tons, of which, the output of Orient Tantalum Industry Co., Ltd. reached 290 tons with the proportion of about 62%.

There are about 20 enterprises which are engaged in the smelting of tantalum metal, the main enterprises are Ningxia Orient Tantalum Industry Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Nonferrous Metals Industry Group Rare Metals Co., Ltd., Conghua Tantalum & Niobium Smeltery, Jiujiang Tanbre Co., Ltd., Hunan Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd., Zhaoqing Duoluoshan Rare Metal Co., Ltd. and Guilin Xinyuan Tantalum Industry Co., Ltd. Of which, the domestic market share of Orient Tantalum Industry Co., Ltd. is the largest, and its output of metal tantalum accounts for 60% of the total domestic market share. At present, this industry is in the state of monopolistic competition, and the new entrants face certain barriers to entry.

In 2012, the scale of Chinas tantalum market reached CNY 1.95 billion. Mobile Internet, Internet of Things, and the development of Chinas mechanization, automation and intelligence are the long-term driving force for the growth of tantalum demand. At present, the world is in the early development stage of the Internet and the rapid development stage of mobile Internet, according to the market analysis and forecast by 2020, the Internet industry will drive the demand for computing equipment products increase by 10 times and reach the volume of 10 billion units.

The mobile Internet will drive the global demand for tantalum capacitors increase to 40 billion units, which is twice larger than the current global tantalum capacitor consumption volume; the annual compound growth rate reaches 7.2%. In addition, Chinas mechanization, automation and the intelligent trend will also stimulate the long-term sustainable growth of tantalum consumption.

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