X-Rite Pantone Launches Affordable Ci4100 Countertop Spectro to Improve Color Matching for Retail Paint and Hardware Stores

Grand Rapids, Michigan (PRWEB) April 30, 2013

X-Rite, Incorporated with its wholly owned subsidiary Pantone is launching its Ci4100 countertop spectrophotometer to give retail paint and hardware stores a way to provide superior customer service in color matching, while reducing instances of mistints and improving in-store efficiencies.

X-Rite, the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of color management and communication systems, designed the Ci4100 to address the needs of paint retailers for an easy-to-use, compact countertop unit that can accurately measure colors in a wide range of gloss finishes. The Ci4100’s small footprint and relatively light weight makes it easy to orient in either the horizontal or vertical position to take color measurements of large or bulky items. The instrument uses a powerful 31-point color engine and Spectalon sphere to precisely define even hard-to-match colors such as dark reds, browns and greens so paint can be mixed right the first time, with few instances of mis-tints.

The Ci4100 has a number of features that give retailers a significant competitive advantage by providing exceptional customer service in color matching, while at the same time reducing time that it takes to train personnel on proper use and calibration of the instrument. The instrument connects seamlessly with the industry’s leading software program for paint color matching and formulation — X-Rite’s ColorDesigner

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