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Phoenix, Arizona (PRWEB) June 23, 2013

The launch of the Jeep Liberty SUV helped provide a replacement for the Cherokee without reducing the power of the engine. The PowerTech motors used for this brand of vehicle can now be purchased through one secondary market seller online for a reduced price. The company is now selling used 2003 Jeep Liberty engine inventory online at

A special sale price is attached with these Liberty engines as part of Jeep inventory upgrades completed this year for consumer sales. The current pricing attached is one effort to reduce Jeep installation prices for vehicle owners.

The 2.4 four-cylinder engine is one of the smallest in production by the Chrysler company for a sport utility vehicle. The engine was downgraded from the 4.0 used inside the Cherokee. The termination of the Cherokee brand has helped introduce the smaller engine sizes that promote no loss of fuel efficiency.

The 3.7 V6 PowerTech and 2.4 represent the engine types now for sale to the public from the Used Engines Co. Because new suppliers are used to locate these motors, the price drop announced is scheduled to stay in place for online and offline sales made for these units. These ongoing supplier changes are contributing to the lower prices now offered.

“New engines are acquired and listed inside the company database each weekday,” a source added from the company. Many engine types are requested by consumers when replacements cannot be found through other online sources. Engine mileage, wear and other details are examined before engines are placed for consumer sales.

“The quote system gives consumers 24-hour access to prices and inventory information online,” added the source. The online system that generates current pricing for motors in stock is used in combination with the toll-free telephone recently established for customer service.

The Jeep 2.4, 3.7 and other motor types currently offered to the public are combined with a recent truck inventory discount. The pickup truck industry continues to expand as new trucks are created using newer technologies. The company inventory of motors now ranges from 1980 to 2013 to provide more than 30 years of searchable inventory.

The news announcement published at introduced new truck motor pricing now in place with each sale. These prices can be extracted from the quote tool online or by calling the company engine specialists during regular hours of business.


The company offers discounted engine pricing to the public when searching through its connected database on the Internet. Company partners now fulfill each car, truck or SUV motor that is purchased through the company ordering systems. A generous price negotiation policy helps to reduce the actual costs consumers pay compared with the purchase price of a new engine. The company offers regular business hours use of its toll-free number for questions, order information and current pricing. Engine incentives like warranty and freight discounts are frequently included with purchases.

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