Petrochemistry industry trade group Appe launches new website, branding


The Association of Petrochemicals Producers in Europe (Appe) launched today its revamped website.

Located at, the site tells the petrochemicals’ story in a fresh new way as one that builds the future, showing the building blocks needed to produce most modern materials that are essential to our daily life. These blocks form the basis of most innovations, as their unique properties bring solutions to societys biggest challenges.

Pierre de Kettenis, Appe Secretary General commented: We have devoted a lot of efforts to telling our story better by developing a new petrochemicals flowchart, the most graphically informative way to show what we do and how petrochemicals impact our daily life.

The reworked flowchart takes readers on a journey from raw materials and feedstocks through to building blocks, derivatives and everyday items like plastics for cars, household cleaners and building insulation. Readers can choose a petrochemical building block and a colour code that transports them to a whole chain of petrochemicals derivatives, gives a definition for each substance, and provides a fact sheet with their main applications and properties that they bring to everyday products, as well as links to other websites for more in-depth information.

During the past 12 years of online publishing, Appe has worked to establish itself as a credible and reliable source of petrochemistry-related information.

New logo, new site features

The site provides, for the first time, a description of Appe members as well as a news aggregator that displays the latest news on petrochemicals-related issues and the substances. Its responsive design delivers a unique viewing experience whether you are using a laptop, smartphone, or a tablet device. The new features come together with a visual transformation of the Appe logo, which now comes in different shades of blue representing science and green a reference to greening chemistry.

Mr de Kettenis concluded: The new site takes you quickly to a place where people grasp the essence of petrochemistry and the products created under its banner. It also tells the role played by petrochemicals when it comes to sustainability.

We see it as a living tool that serves the needs of industry, stakeholders, regulators and educators. It also makes a strong connection to the changes society has made and presents a major step forward in line with the challenging conditions in which the industry currently operates.


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