Legolas Media Forms Upfront Digital Media to Unveil Markets First Multi-screen, Multi-format Programmatic Direct Offering

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 11, 2013

Capitalizing on its legacy of trust and transparency in delivering reserved audiences to specific digital channels, Legolas Media today announced the formation of Upfront Digital Media (Upfront), a programmatic direct media platform. As part of the formation led by an expanded senior management team of industry ad tech leaders, Upfront unveiled the markets first multi-screen, multi-format solution that encompasses display, rich media, rising star, video and mobile in a programmatic direct solution.

The newly formed company provides leading agencies and digital brand marketers with a trusted, transparent way to plan, target, and buy the highest quality inventory, from named publishers, at scale with creative freedom across all channels and platforms. With direct publisher integration from over 60 partners, Upfront allows marketers to forecast and reserve audience and inventory upfront, delivering visibility and certainty prior to each media buy.

The formation of Upfront Digital Media underscores our core capabilities in delivering online media sold on a purely guaranteed basis, said Jonathon Shaevitz, CEO, Upfront Digital Media. From day one, we have empowered brand marketers to secure targeted audiences at scale as well as see proof of performance, and the marketplace has affirmed that our trust factor is paramount to agencies and brands.

Originally the first to offer a programmatic direct solution, Upfront is now a pioneer in offering the first programmatic direct platform and multi-screen, multi-format solution that gives agencies and brands the ability to effectively leverage emerging technologies to track audiences across desktops, mobile phones and tablets through multiple formatsincluding display, rich media, rising star, video and mobileand reserve them in a single, transparent manner. Added Shaevitz, Advertisers are struggling with the lack of transparency found in black boxes, smart pipes and varying algorithms that result in nebulous pricing and insights. Our mission is to give advertisers visibility into what works, what doesnt and why in a truly programmatic manner.

Over the course of the past six months, the company and its board of directors have been quietly building out the senior leadership organization including the appointment of Shaevitz along with Vice President of Sales Michael Hegarty. These appointments, among others to be announced in the coming weeks, will enable Legolas Media and Upfront Digital Media to capitalize on a strong growth trajectory and provide full resources to help brands and their agencies shift ad spend online in a secure, transparent manner.

About Upfront Digital Media

Upfront Digital Media (Upfront) is the leading programmatic direct platform, enabling leading agencies and digital brand marketers to plan and buy display, rich media, rising star, video and mobile advertising at scale with direct publisher integration and full creative freedom. Upfront forecasts and reserves audiences and inventory upfront to ensure visibility and certainty prior to each media buy. Offering mid- and upper-funnel targeting capabilities, Upfront helps the leading global agencies and world-class brands in CPG, Automotive, Retail and Finance validate and optimize their ad spend by measuring consumer response throughout the purchase cycle, including tracking in-store sales lift. Upfront Digital Media, a Legolas Media company, is based in New York City with additional offices in Israel. For more information, please visit

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