Experts Estimate 270 Million Computers Have Outdated Anti Virus Software

Sunnyvale, CA (PRWEB) July 03, 2013

Millions of computer users are using out of date antivirus software according to the latest volume of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report released on April 17th, 2013. It is no secret that having an up to date anti-virus software is recommended by security experts, but do users really need the most updated version to be protected? With the sheer number of new malware applications, computer viruses and the ever growing threats online, it would seem obvious that users would want to have the highest level of cyber security, but an overwhelming number of PC users are not using the most current antivirus software applications.

Microsoft’s Security report indicates that there are nearly 270 million users worldwide who are using an outdated anti-virus on their home or office computer. The report also shows that the chances of getting a computer virus or malicious malware is 5 times higher for users who are not being proactive and taking the necessary precautions. Everyone knows that a computer needs AV software but why would so many people neglect to protect their computers?

People today live in a digital world where things are always becoming more automated and people often assume that once software is installed on the users machine that is all they ever need to do and the rest will happen by itself, unfortunately this is not the case, says Ilias Melikov a spokesperson for the security software PCKeeper.

It is a common misconception that blocking all malware or computer viruses is virtually impossible and with that mindset many users undervalue the need for the most recent AV software. The speed that technology changes in todays world means that the most basic protection can become obsolete in a few days, weeks or months. In the same way that the bad guys are always changing how malware and viruses are delivered, Anti Virus companies are investing millions of dollars in the technology to stay a step ahead of them in detecting threats and vulnerabilities.

Threats are always changing and we must change with them and part of that change means having the most current version of whatever anti-virus application you are using. We update our virus database as often as several times a day and this is a contributing factor of why PCKeeper has performed so well and has some of the best detection rates among the top security software vendors, says Mr. Melikov.

In fact, according to the independent security testing agency AV Comparatives, the PCKeeper AntiVirus proved to be 99.4% effective in identifying potential threats. No antivirus tested scored a perfect 100% detection rate but cyber security experts recommend users have an anti-virus software of at least a 95% detection and above to be safe. For more information on cyber security tips check out the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report:

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