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(PRWEB) November 24, 2005

According to E-ComputerDesks.com, most computer desks are pre-designed and pre-engineered and therefore can be assembled easily. These modular desks are provided with custom defined components as per user requirements. They contain any number of shelves and storage racks which can be increased over time. The height and width of the desk can also be increased with the addition of a few more components. The main advantage of modular computer desks is that, they can be designed to fit into the exact dimensions of the space provided

All the components are provided along with the nuts and bolts for easy assembling. A manual is also provided which contains instructions to assemble the desk. By following the manual carefully, even the most complex-looking computer desk can be assembled within no time.

E-ComputerDesks.com also tells us that there are some points to remember building a computer desk. First, ensure that the desk is sufficiently close to the power points. Secondly, the wood used to build the desk should be strong and durable like oak or cherry. As solid wood expands and shrinks with changes in humidity, care should be taken to allow space for changes in dimension while attaching the main components. Maximum gluing surface should also be provided for more strength.

The number of storage shelves required should be planned in advance and some space should be provided for attaching more shelves for future expansion. If the CPU is to be put in a closed space, there should be sufficient ventilation inside. Retractable keyboard trays free up space on the desk and also help to keep the keyboard free from dust.

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