Global Satellite Communications Giant Inmarsat Awards Media Prize At Round World Yacht

Singapore (PRWEB) January 16, 2009

Rick Deppe has won the Inmarsat Media Prize for Leg 3 of the Volvo Ocean Race. The trophy and prize money were presented to the Puma Ocean Racing Team media crew member in Singapore by Piers Cunningham, head of Maritime Business at Inmarsat. British-born Deppe is an experienced sailor and acclaimed videographer, whose credits include ‘Deadliest Catch’ on the Discovery Channel.

Commenting on the submissions for Leg 3, Piers Cunningham praised the awesome creativity of Rick Deppe’s camera work on ‘Il Mostro’ Says Cunningham: “Conditions onboard were tough as the crew faced constant heat and humidity. The majority of this leg saw the fleet sailing upwind often against a strong current, alongside the tricky conditions and facing the frustration of being becalmed. It was a tough call for the judges between the eventual winner Deppe and the work of Sander Pluijim. Deppe won because he demonstrated a professional ability to create visual drama out of predictable situations whereas Sander capitalised on a dramatic scenario. Deppe’s shots from the bowsprit were amazing.”

This new extreme sport cameraman is a major innovation for the race and one made possible by the global satellite technology sponsorship of Inmarsat’s revolutionary FleetBroadband – broadband for the ocean.

The Inmarsat Media Prize totals 20,000 Euros. Each leg winner receives 1,000 Euros for and at the final award ceremony in St Petersburg, Russia, an additional 10,000 Euro prize will be awarded to the MCM judged to have made the best overall contribution to race coverage.

According to Piers Cunningham the quality of the media coming back from the boats is improving all the time as their confidence grows in the technology taking risks with the camera. Says Cunningham: “Our heritage in maritime safety, our reputation in reliable global communication, for this race the jackpot is FleetBroadband’s ability to deliver ‘life onboard’ to billions of people in HDTV as well as providing the vital communication elements necessary to run this race.”

Born in Yorkshire but now living in the United States, Deppe, an experienced documentarian has produced several programmes for both Disney and Discovery Channels and was also Director of Photography for Disney’s ‘Morning Light’. Rick has been nominated on both previous legs for the originality of his video filming which was the deciding factor for Leg 3.

Sanders Pluijm the media crew member onboard Delta Lloyd was nominated for his reportage of the damage sustained to the boat when the keel rams were ripped out of the boat. Sanders hit the crash button and not only filmed the unfolding drama in a highly tense situation but edited the footage to communicate a strong story about the professionalism of the crew. The third nominee was Mikel Pasabant onboard Telefonica Black for that ‘Big Brother’ moment – when approaching the gate at Pulau there was a free and frank discussions between helm and navigator Roger Nilson.

On the first leg, Guy Salter on Ericsson 4 won the Inmarsat Media Prize and on Leg 2 it was Gabriele Olivo aboard Telefonica Blue. The race sadly loses Mark Covell the media crew member with Team Russia. His writing has been inspirational and his blogs had become required reading amongst an increasingly loyal following. We can only hope Kosatka rejoins the race.

The 2,500 nautical mile race to Qingdao is expected to provide some lively drama for the media crew members who will be sending back each week around 20 minutes of edited racing broadcast material, up to 2,000 written words in emails and blogs and, on average, a total of 400 still photographs and all delivered via, Inmarsat FleetBroadband.

For further information on Inmarsat Media Award , please contact: John Warehand, Inmarsat plc. Tel: 44 20 7728 1579 or, Shireen Crowe, Direct PR Tel: 44 20 7611 6308/ 44 7879417177.

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