Debt Consolidation USA Finds Debt Negotiation a Way to Reduce Medical Bills Amid Rising Health Care Costs

New York, New York (PRWEB) September 28, 2012

The US Supreme Courts decision to uphold President Barack Obamas Affordable Care Act (ACA) may have brought hope to millions of Americans struggling to get health insurance but with health care costs reportedly rising faster than the countrys inflation rate, many are still faced with the prospect of paying for bigger medical bills. recently revealed that debt negotiation could bring relief to many Americans drowning deep in medical debt.

Acting as a mediator between creditors and debtors, Debt Consolidation USA has been able to present viable options to clients for either lowering their monthly payments for consolidated debts or getting their total medical debts decreased. A recent Arizona client shares, At, I found the perfect solution to my medical debt. This company offered to represent me to my debtors, lower my monthly payments and actually eliminate the debt within four years or less. They do all this without lending me any money or putting me into more debt. They do not do this through a loan. Instead, the debt advisers here help you to amass a large sum of money with which they negotiate with your debtors.

The latest report from the Commonwealth Fund, an advocate for health reform, indicates that while a number of young adults have joined or stayed on their parents health plans due in part to the ACA, 41 percent still cant afford health care and 36 percent of that figure are currently unable to pay off medical debts. Debt Consolidation USA aims to help a percentage of those with medical bill problems by offering to professionally negotiate on their behalf. This could mean no more harassment from creditors during a critically difficult time in dealing with a financial fallout from an illness and a practicable way out of debt.

Says Debt Consolidation USA, is a leading information and referral source for debt management and credit counseling. We have been helping people handle their financial issues for nearly a decade. Be it credit card consolidation or debt settlement, we are your source for help and assistance as you seek to restructure your financial foundation.

Aside from providing professional assistance in negotiating the reduction of medical bills, Debt Consolidation USA also offers online consumer credit counseling by periodically publishing instrumental guidelines to reducing debt and/or managing debt consolidation. A post on medical bills had the company advising Americans to verify bills and understand the charges before looking into consolidating medical debts, adding that bills confuse most patients as they are specifically designed for insurance company computers to comprehend.

Debt Consolidation USA shares a startling revelation, All too often mistakes are made on medical bills that can cost the patients hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Medical Billing Advocates of America reports that 80 percent of the hospital bills they review contain errors, so take the time to understand your bill before consolidating!

The company also warns in the same post, Consolidating medical bills is often done with a home equity line of credit (HELOC). While this approach can provide lower monthly payments, the steep downside is that you must put up your home as security, so weigh the consequences first. If you miss payments on medical bills, it can hurt your credit. If you miss payments on a HELOC, you can lose your home.

By reading such crucial information and obtaining practical steps towards debt management, online visitors are able to compare debt solutions from Debt Consolidation USA with other existing options.

Debt Consolidation USA states, We are developing a one-stop resource designed to assist people in understanding their options as it relates to debt consolidation, debt settlement, and credit counseling. We offer debt consolidation services with the intention of helping you become debt-free. Well help you find the best course for your financial needs, build a customized debt relief plan, and avoid filing for bankruptcy. Whatever your financial needs may be, can help find your solution.

Medical bills will pile up in the event of another crippling recession, lost employment, and the increasing costs of health care. While the option to consolidate medical debts may seem like a sound solution, there are certain terms that could end up drowning debtors in further obligation. With Debt Consolidation USAs professional and proven financial advicefrom debt consolidation to debt settlementAmericans will have many options designed to bring relief and eventually help them become debt-free.

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