Win a Trip to New York With Bio-Synergy and The Bourne Legacy

(PRWEB UK) 6 August 2012

Sports nutrition specialists Bio-Synergy are teaming up with the upcoming release of The Bourne Legacy to offer everyone the chance to get the body of a super-agent and jet to New York City.

The world-renowned supplements from Bio-Synergy have long helped fitness buffs to reach their goals, but now theyre helping people get off more than just their couch theyre sending them to Manhattan.

Just as The Bourne Legacy races across the globe, so too will Bio-Synergy fans and customers have the chance to disappear from their lives and immerse themselves in the streets of New York.

With record-breaking products like Whey Better, the UKs most powerful protein, and Thermogen, a flab-torching fat burner, Bio-Synergy has the nutritional expertise to transform any Joe Citizen into a military-grade weapon of mass destruction.

The experts at Bio-Synergy have spearheaded high-tech innovations for years in fat-loss and natural bdoy improvement. To get a body of an agent, head to to learn more about the range of products that can help transform any body into a well-oiled machine.

The Bourne Legacy is released in theatres on August 13th and chronicles the story of another rogue agent seeking to get out from under the CIA.

Bio-Synergy is a multi-award winning sports nutrition company specialising in enhancing your performance with the highest-quality supplements. With over 15 years of experience, they are the ultimate choice for any diet or training program. Whether your goal is serious weight loss or major muscle bulking, they have got you covered. Now in partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, they are making your life look as great as your body.

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