Social Media Marketing Jobs in US Expected to Explode in 2013 According to New BLS Data

Mobile, Alabama (PRWEB) July 18, 2012

Social media marketing jobs in the USA are expected to surpass levels currently witnessed in 2012 within the next 12 months. New BLS job data has confirmed that a 21 percent increase in social media employment will take place. This represents tens of thousands of new jobs that will open up in 2013. One company that is contracted to hire new social media job applicants is now accepting applications. Paid Social Media Corp, the social placement agency, is actively seeking work-at-home moms, unemployed workers and college students that want the ability to work in a social media position.

Corporations that are hiring new applicants for Facebook and Twitter positions are now using Paid Social Media Corp to staff the open positions. A person interested in these social media marketing jobs can find more information by going here to the company website to apply. The non-stop growth that social media has experienced in the last two years is one of the reasons companies are now seeking freelance and contract employees to manage company social media platforms.

According to the BLS Occupational Handbook 2012, a social media manager with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn daily posting experience can expect an average annual salary of $ 57,550 or $ 27.67 per hour worked.

Some companies are cutting costs in departments like IT and call center staff to upgrade to new social media departments. The social image that a company gives away online is now just as important as traditional advertising and marketing. Companies are putting more emphasis on jaded customers that can make negative social media posts and videos go viral, said John Newman, Sr. Hiring Manager for Paid Social Media Corp. The PayPal strike and Bank of America debit card fees debacle are just two recent examples of how companies are putting more control into social media campaigns, Newman added. Popular new social media upstarts in 2012 include Pinterest. This new social media platform is slated to double in size by 2013.

States like Las Vegas and California lead the nation in technology jobs but have the highest unemployment levels. Technology companies and entrepreneurs have helped to fuel the private sector economies in many states although manufacturing and service industry jobs have decreased. One of the benefits to working in the social media industry is that college education is not a prerequisite for employment. A person that has average typing skills and that has experience typing posts and attaching videos can be hired as a freelance or contract employee. The social media employee search now underway by Paid Social Media Corp is designed to bring opportunity to unemployed persons or those that prefer to work from a home office.

About Paid Social Media Corp

As a leader in technology employment, Paid Social Media Corp actively recruits talented people around the world that have a desire to work for technology companies. In just three years in business, this leading placement company has hired thousands of employees and placed them in freelance or contract positions with some of the largest names in the technology industry. The growth of tech jobs and the decreasing number of manufacturing and service industry positions is helping Paid Social Media Corp to grow its placement services business. In the first quarter of 2012, a record number of technology companies have signed on to be paired up with employees searching for work in the technology sector.

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