Restoration Local Offer Hurricane Preparedess Tips As Isaac Bears Down

Cleveland OH (PRWEB) August 24, 2012

Restoration Local, one of the leading providers of water damage restoration service in the country, is offering tips on hurricane preparedness as Tropical Storm Isaac takes aim at the US mainland. Forecasters predict that Isaac could become a hurricane as early as Friday, striking Florida and possible putting a crimp in the opening of the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Florida is bracing for what could become the first major hurricane to strike the Sunshine State since 2005s Hurricane Wilma, which caused billions of dollars in damage. The last six years have been relatively quiet.

Currently, the storm has decreased in strength slightly, according to reports from the National Hurricane Center, however it is expected to regain strength, passing over Cuba on Sunday, and across south Florida and up through Tampa on Monday and Tuesday. There are some computer models that have the storm veering harmlessly out to sea, but most agree that at least some measure of landfall is expected. Isaac is currently expected to strike Tampa, the site of the GOP Convention, as a Category One hurricane.

Residents in the path of this storm should make appropriate preparations to evacuate. This includes having an evacuation route planned and mapped out, with a destination in mind.

Evacuation routes are clearly marked throughout Florida. Those fleeing the path of the storm should have the contact number for an out of state family member, someone who can be contacted once they are out of harms way.

For those evacuating, every member of the family should have a go bag prepared, properly stocked with enough clothing and provisions to support a stay of several days away from home.

Go bags should include clothing, bottled water, non perishable food products, medications, insurance and other important documents, as well as first aid supplies and a supply of cash.

Remember that ATMs and credit card machines will be non functional in the event of a power outage, so cash in hand is a major benefit.

Properties should also be secured with storm shutters or plywood over windows and doors. All outdoors items should be brought indoors or securely anchored down. Hurricane force winds can make airborne missiles out of items such as lawn furniture and trash cans. A person standing in the wrong place could get hurt.

No resident should return to their homes until the all clear is given by local emergency management.

Based in Cleveland OH, Restoration Local is one of the leading providers of hurricane damage restoration in the country, with service in 30 states. They are available 24/7 and all work is guaranteed.

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