Open Perception, Inc. Formed to Accelerate Development and Adoption of 2D and 3D Sensory Data Processing

MENLO PARK, CA (PRWEB) June 18, 2012

Willow Garage announced over the weekend at CVPR 2012 the formation of Open Perception, Inc. (OP), an independent non-profit foundation, focused on advancing the development and adoption of BSD-licensed open source software for 2D and 3D processing of sensory data.

Open Perception is founded by a global community of researchers and engineers for the benefit of the industrial and research 3D perception communities. The Point Cloud Library (PCL) project represents Open Perception’s most important work to date consisting of a large scale, BSD-licensed open project for 3D point cloud processing.

In conjunction with the formation of Open Perception, the Board of Directors was also announced. The Board of Directors comprises a worldwide collection of educators, leaders and visionaries in the field of 3D, computer vision and robotics, including:

Radu B. Rusu, President and CEO of Open Perception and a visiting lecturer at Stanford University. Prior to Open Perception, Radu was a Research Scientist at Willow Garage where he created the Point Cloud Library (PCL) project.

David Boardman, CEO and co-founder of URC Ventures. URC Ventures solves large-scale industry challenges through real time digitization of the physical world. David brings a strong track record of defining and advancing emerging technologies in the marketplace.

Steve Cousins, President and CEO of Willow Garage. Steve’s company is leading the charge to accelerate the personal robot revolution. He oversees all business aspects at Willow Garage, including development of robot hardware platforms, expansion of the acclaimed open source robot operating system ROS, and the research initiatives to understand the implications of personal robotics.

Frank Dellaert, Associate Professor in the School of Interactive Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Frank is also affiliated with the RIM@GT center and is well known for contributions to robotics and computer vision.

Terry Fong, Director of the Intelligent Robotics Group (IRG) at NASA Ames. IRG conducts applied research in a wide range of areas, including computer vision, geospatial data systems, human-robot interaction, interactive 3-D visualization and robot software architectures.

Anwar Ghuloum, Director of Mobile Compute and Computer Vision Software at NVIDIA, a leader in computer graphics, massively parallel computing, and mobile computing. Prior to joining NVIDIA, Anwar was a Principal Engineer at Intel in the role of Chief Architect and Product Development Manager for Intel Array Building Blocks (formerly called Ct) in Intel Labs and the Software and Services Group.

Ken Spratlin, General Manager of the GeoSpatial Division at Trimble charged with ensuring their leadership position in the area of geospatial imaging. Ken has held many successful roles while at Trimble including Director of Innovation Geomatics, COO of Nikon-Trimble, a joint venture between the two companies; and Director of New Market Development.

Other key people in the organization include: Michael Moradzadeh, General Counsel; Yukiko Jenkins, CPA, Treasurer; Suat Gedikli, Point Cloud Library (PCL) maintainer and Senior Scientist volunteer; Alexandru E. Ichim, Point Cloud Library (PCL) maintainer and Scientist volunteer; and Stefan Holzer, Point Cloud Library (PCL) maintainer and Scientist volunteer.

We are excited to have a Board of such high caliber that brings both breadth and depth of knowledge in the computer vision and 3D point cloud processing fields, along with a passion to support our large open-source community. Together we will advance our software to new heights and solve hard problems in perception more effectively, states Dr. Rusu, President and CEO of Open Perception, Inc.

According to Willow Garage CEO Steve Cousins, “we have found that when important open source software projects (e.g. OpenCV, ROS) get to a certain level of maturity, it makes sense to create independent non-profit foundations to support them. PCL growth has exceeded our expectations, and we are thrilled to be the founding sponsor of Open Perception, which will shepherd PCL.”

About Open Perception

Open Perception is an independent, non-profit organization founded by members of the engineering and research communities. The mission of Open Perception is develop an active open source community focused on advancing the development, distribution, and adoption of 2D and 3D sensory data processing open source software for use in robotics research, education, and product development. The organization is based in Menlo Park, California. More information is available at and by following Open Perception on Twitter @pointclouds.

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