High Quality Industrial Keyboards Can Help Reduce Downtime and Increase Cost-Effectiveness

Birmingham, UK (PRWEB UK) 31 August 2012

Industrial and food processing plants have to be clean. This means that any items used in that place which can be cleaned, must be cleaned. With computers more and more prominent in the workplace, computer peripherals are now becoming more and more cleanable, from screens and keyboards through to pointing devices and PC units.

Cleaning the equipment properly and effectively can take time and by using high grade disinfectants, standard keyboards simply cannot be used. This can cause downtime on production lines and replacements are often not freely available. Keyboard Specialists Ltd (KBS) now state that this is a thing of the past and have a range of screens, keyboards, pointing devices and PC units which can be cleaned using a multitude of different cleaning disinfectants. All have great longevity and cost-effectiveness which can help reduce down time significantly:

CKS is a UK manufacturer of high quality computer peripherals. With keyboards, pointing devices, PC units and monitors coming with a 3 year warranty (extendable) as standard, high quality components and longevity are a guarantee.

iKey manufacture high quality industrial keyboards which can be cleaned to a high standard. The iKey peripheral range has a variety of options including wireless, silicone rubber, stainless steel, nonincendive and intrinsically safe.

Clean Keys offer the quickest cleanable keyboard] on the market. With a completely flat acrylic or glass front plate and VESA mounting on the back, these keyboards come with a built-in touchpad and are ideal for cleaning quickly and effectively.

Keyboard Specialists Ltd also has their own KBS range of industrial products these stainless steel keyboards and keypads offer a rugged, cost-effective and waterproof solution to many industries.

All of these IP rated peripherals are also customisable and many are kept in stock ready for next day delivery.

Keyboard Specialists Ltd (KBS) have been supplying industrially approved keyboards for a number of years but state that never has the quality been so good. Managing Director, Ardeep Badwal stated, “Keyboard Specialists (KBS) have on offer, shop floor and production line ready peripherals for any given environment. Our team are passionate about assisting the client through the entire process and making the best product decision for their needs.”

Keyboard Specialists Ltd (KBS) offers worldwide delivery options to suit any business, using globally recognised logistical partners to deliver items quickly, securely and conveniently.

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