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eMazzanti Wins Finalist Slot for New York Enterprise Report 2012 Small Business Awards

Hoboken, NJ and New York City, NY (PRWEB) August 02, 2012

eMazzanti Technologies announces it is one of the finalists in the New York Enterprise Report Small Business Awards. The Hoboken/NYC-based IT support consultant submitted an entry in International Operations. With a single office in Hoboken, eMazzanti continues to grow its services to include the continental United States, Canada and countries in Europe,. The New York Enterprise Report produces an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of the 500,000+ small businesses throughout the Tri-State area. The Small Business Awards program is featured throughout a 9-month campaign in The New York Enterprise Report. In its 7th year, the sold out 2006 2012 Awards program has an average attendance of 400 people and is referred to as the networking event of the year.

The 2012 winners will be announced at the Small Business Awards Gala, which will be held on Wednesday, October 10th from 6:00 pm-10:00 pm at The Metropolitan Pavilion in New York, NY. All finalists will be recognized on the NYER website, gala journal and at the event itself. In addition, winners will be featured in the November issue of The New York Enterprise Report, which is read by 100,000 tri-state business owners and executives.

There are four major reasons eMazzanti Technologies has won New York Enterprise Report accolades: Its use of teleconferencing, a custom productivity monitoring/tracking system for customers worldwide, the firms concentrated efforts to grow its business internationally and the ability to attract, training, incent and retain key employees.

Telepresence and Unified Communications Erase Geographical Barriers

No longer is the sales and service outreach of an outsource IT provider limited by geography. Video conferencing has replaced expensive in-person sales and support calls and unified communications has condensed faxes, emails, voice mail, IM, etc. to all be consolidated into a single communications stream directly to a single individual. As a result of the implementation of these business productivity solutions, neither eMazzanti nor its customers are bound by geography.

New Productivity Solutions Aids in International Expansion

Leveraging a new Productivity Monitoring System and video conferencing technology, eMazzanti was able to expand its addressable market to include the continental US, Canada and Europe while still having a single office based in Hoboken, NJ.

The video conferencing capability allowed eMazzanti to work "face-to-face" with several international parent companies along with their US satellite branches and counterparts that include: an international retail jeweler, European-based abrasives firm, and a worldwide fashion designer based in the UK.

eMazzanti leveraged new technology to create a Productivity Monitoring system to precisely track productivity in terms of customer service and employee engagement regardless of where its clients are located in the world. The unique technology continuously monitors 16 key indicators 24x7 associated with these two critical areas. The data for these two areas are generated from the companys job ticketing system.

For example, under the customer service area, eMazzanti has real-time monitoring of: customer satisfaction rating trends, open tickets by status, open tickets by tech, open tickets by service type, net change Open/Close ration, tickets resolved by tech, and ticket trends.

Under the employee performance area, eMazzanti tracks hours worked by computer network engineer, billable utilization, revenue per month, customer satisfaction by engineer, and vacation time taken.

For each area monitored, eMazzanti has the results continuously displayed as multiple charts and graphs on three 60 monitors strategically located around the office. In fact, one monitor is placed near the main door so employees can see exactly how the firm is doing with its customers first thing in the morning when they arrive for work and the last thing they as they leave. All employees are also reminded of their personal and team contribution on a daily basis.

20% of eMazzanti's Revenue Comes from Overseas Customers

Over the last three years, eMazzanti international sales have skyrocketed because of its ability to communicate and deliver a high level of customer service primarily due to deployment of new collaboration and productivity measurement technology.

Employees have doubled in 2011

During the last year, eMazzanti has been able to double its employees and increase individual productivity because of its new Productivity Monitoring System. Employee retention has been 100% as well.

About eMazzanti Technologies

With a company name that sounds more like a purebred, high-performance sports car than a IT support and consulting firm, eMazzanti Technologies is all about delivering powerful solutions such as outsourced IT, computer network management, network troubleshooting, business continuity and disaster recovery, cloud computing, green computing, mobile workforce technology, information security and business information optimization in the most efficient manner possible. The Hoboken, N.J., firm is located in one of the most densely populated - and competitive - regions in the U.S. It provides business technology consulting services for companies ranging from home offices to multinational corporations throughout the New York metropolitan area and in three countries. For more information contact: Carl Mazzanti 201-360-4400 or Twitter: @emazzanti , Facebook:

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Wanted: Teens Who Want Jobs Tomorrow

Hawthorne, CA (PRWEB) June 28, 2012

Savvy students know that even having a college degree may not be enough to land a good job after graduation because the jobs just arent there. The unemployment rate for Americans aged 18-29 is 12.1% and 'unofficial' rates are much higher. More than 50% of recent grads are under or unemployed, according to a recent investigation by the Associated Press. It has been estimated that the U.S. needs to add about 250,000 jobs a month on a regular basis to bring the unemployment rate down to the level experienced prior to the 2007-2009 recession. So some students are taking action. They are building SaveOurWorkforce, an organization with a powerful database to harness consumer buying power and ultimately influence job creation and preservation in the U.S.

Not everyone votes but everyone spends money, explains Ross Mazzolini, a sophomore at Texas Tech University, and a principle founder of SaveOurWorkforce. Money is power and we can have a lot of power if we get organized and act together. SaveOurWorkforce helps people figure out which companies to buy from to best support our country. When companies that employ Americans cut U.S. jobs or shift jobs overseas, their decisions dramatically affect U.S. workers and their families. These companies are not out to hurt Americans; their intention is to lower costs and improve the bottom line. SaveOurWorkforce recognizes that these companies may exercise substantial power, but the resources of the American public are greater because Americans are their customers.

Consumers make choices everyday weighing factors such as quality, price, convenience and company reputation. SaveOurWorkforce is asking consumers to consider an important new factor before making a purchase - the companys commitment to American jobs. Consumers can verify a companys level of commitment by using the SaveOurWorkforce free website tool "Before-You-Buy, VERIFY". The premise of SaveOurWorkforce is that if enough people used their spending power to make the same demand, then ultimately business creating more U.S. jobs would become more profitable. Companies would be motivated to save U.S. jobs.

SaveOurWorkforce is recruiting students who are interested in developing valuable research, communication and career skills. The database was launched in June, 2012 with information about 100 large corporations. Students are needed to maintain and feed the SaveOurWorkforce database. Plans are to add about 40 companies a month. Im asking other college students and high school kids to form SaveOurWorkforce clubs, says Ross. We can show you how to get started and youll find out that its not hard to be part of something important. We even have a good time while we are doing something about our own future.

About SaveOurWorkforce:

Founded in 2012 by California teenagers Austin Mazzolini and his brother Ross, the mission of SaveOurWorkforce is to save and rebuild the U.S. workforce. The organization encourages the involvement of teenagers, companies and individuals throughout the country. Teens are asked to join or start campus clubs. Companies that join must pledge that they understand how important jobs are to families and the health of our nation and that they will do everything possible to keep jobs in America. Individuals are encouraged to try the Before-You-Buy, VERIFY free website tool at


CNC Machine Tool Builder Okuma Launches New Website

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) August 01, 2012

Okuma America Corporation, a world leader in CNC machine tools, today launched a new website at The site is designed to deliver expanded content offerings and state-of-the-art usability features all within a highly engaging online environment. The website serves as the centralized hub for all of Okumas online properties, with connections to specialized platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

In todays manufacturing environment, knowledge is king, says Julie Murphy, marketing manager, Okuma America Corporation. Competitive advantage comes, first and foremost, from awareness and understanding of the latest in CNC machine tool technology, innovations and best practices. Our new website is designed to become a valuable resource for the content our audiences are seeking.

Key features of the new website include:

Enhanced CNC machine tool information: Conveniently organized, with descriptions of best-suited applications, and complete detail down to full specifications

Dedicated 5-Axis Product Section: Expanded information on Okumas lineup of 5 axis CNC machines designed specifically for manufacturing high precision, complex parts

White Papers: Deep discussions on emerging technologies and specialized product/service offerings

Case Studies: Real-world problem/solutions, and the dramatic results achieved in partnership with Okuma customers

New Blog: Fresh, informative perspectives on hot industry topics

Additional Photography and Videos: The next best thing to hands-on experience with Okuma CNC machine tools

State-of-the-art Usability: Streamlined navigation, in-site search function, and mobile-optimization for tablets and multiple phone platforms

Partners in THINC: With the open architecture, PC-based THINC


Step By Step Data Recovery with Undelete Wizard

Milpitas, California (PRWEB) December 3, 2008

Wizard Recovery Company announces the release of Undelete Wizard, a step-by-step data recovery solution for lost and deleted files. Undelete Wizard makes file recovery easy, providing a guided wizard to help users undelete deleted files and recover documents lost after a system crash.

Undelete Wizard undeletes files removed from the Recycle Bin and recovers files and documents from damaged and corrupted disks and partitions. Supporting FAT and NTFS, Undelete Wizard works in all versions of Windows from Windows 95 to Windows Vista.

Undelete Wizard differs from simple undelete utilities in many ways. Being extremely simple to use, Undelete Wizard provides a guided recovery wizard to restore files and folders. Live Preview shows full previews of files being recovered before saving them onto the hard disk. The preview works in both free and licensed versions of Undelete Wizard, and is a great way to reassure users that the files being recovered will be restored indeed. Unlike competition, the Undelete Wizard Live Preview feature never dumps binary data, calling it a preview. Instead, Live Preview recognizes and displays over 100 types of files in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get fashion. The technology works entirely in the RAM, and does not writes anything onto the disk being recovered.

Undelete Wizard is not only simple to use, but applies powerful algorithms to greatly increase chances of successful recovery. Smart Scan allows Undelete Wizard get ahead of competition by recovering files that no competitors can recover. Smart Scan analyzes both the file system and the surface of the disk, ensuring that no single bit of information slips though unaccounted. The technology combines information obtained from the file system and the disk itself in order to determine the exact beginning and end of each file. Supporting over 100 types of files, Smart Scan ensures that most important files and data are recovered. The technology recognizes many types of office documents, email messages, digital images, music and video files, databases and compressed archives.

Try evaluation version of Undelete Wizard for free.



eMaint Receives THINKstrategies Best of SaaS Showplace Award

Marlton, NJ (PRWEB) August 01, 2012

Today, eMaint Enterprises, a world leader in cloud-based maintenance management systems, announced that it has won THINKstrategies Best of SaaS Showplace (BoSS)Award. THINKstrategies, Inc., is the leading strategic consulting company focused on the business implications of the on-demand service market. The program is aimed at promoting the measurable business benefits delivered by todays Software-as-a-Service solutions. eMaint received the BoSS Award for its implementation of X3 Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) with Cardinal Glass.

Its an honor to be recognized by THINKstrategies and the Cloud Showplace with the BoSS Award for the way our SaaS technology, X3 CMMS was able to deliver measurable results for our clients, said Brian Samelson, CEO and President at eMaint. We have been big advocates for cloud computing for many years now, being one the first CMMS companies to make our technology web-based over 12 years ago. We hope to continue our growth while serving companies with our SaaS solutions across all industries.

Since 2010, Cardinal Glass has been using eMaints X3 CMMS software, resulting in a decrease of equipment downtime from 15 percent to under one percent in a three year period. Labor hours and overtime were also decreased by 43 percent and 60 percent, resulting in 45 percent improvement in profits.

The results were achieved by implementing a web-based maintenance management system that helped improve coordination, communications, and planning between maintenance an production departments at Cardinal Glass Buford, Georgia facility.

"Reducing the cost of maintaining manufacturing facilities while retaining the quality of services is a key challenge for many companies," stated Jeffrey M. Kaplan, the founder of the SaaS Showplace, which is now a part of the new Cloud Computing Showplace, and Managing Director of THINKstrategies. "eMaints Cloud-based CMMS solution enables users to achieve these objectives quickly and effectively."

eMaints X3 CMMS System can be tailored to meet the exact specification of any maintenance facility or operations department and saves companies valuable time and money by better organizing, planning, and managing maintenance activities. This results in less equipment downtime, greater return on assets, and improved efficiency, productivity and profitability.

The eMaint team has doubled in the past two years adding 15 new employees already in 2012. The company has continued to create jobs at its New Jersey headquarters while expanding throughout the country. Most recently, eMaint announced the opening of its first international office in Florida to help support its growing international client base.

About eMaint Enterprises, LLC: eMaint, the leader in on-demand CMMS solutions, has been providing maintenance management software solutions since 1986 and was one of the first CMMS providers to develop a completely web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) model for more rapid implementation at a lower total cost of ownership. eMaints client base consists of over 16,000 users worldwide across 1000 sites ranging from small & medium sized organizations to Fortune 500 corporations including manufacturers, service providers, fleet operators, energy and utility companies, health care facilities, universities, municipalities, and facility and property managers. For more information on eMaint products and services, please visit the eMaint English site at or the Spanish site at

About THINKstrategies, Inc.: THINKstrategies, Inc. is the only strategic consulting services company focused entirely on helping its clients capitalize on the unprecedented business opportunities created by the technology industry shift from a product-centric to a services-driven orientation and an 'on-demand' delivery model. THINKstrategies' mission is to help our clients re-THINK their corporate strategies, and refocus their limited resources to achieve their business objectives. THINKstrategies helps enterprise decision-makers with their sourcing strategies, IT solutions providers with their marketing strategies, and VCs with their investment strategies. For more information regarding THINKstrategies' unique consulting services, visit, or contact us at info(at)thinkstrategies(dot)com.


Coming-Of-Age Psychological Thriller Dont Stand So Close Hits Stands In July Pre-Order Available Now

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 11, 2012

Every teenage boys wildest fantasy becomes his worst nightmare in this provocative erotic thriller debut novel from one of Hollywoods masters of suspense. SST Publications announced today the worldwide publication in trade hardcover, trade paperback and eBook of famed motion picture screenwriter and director Eric Reds first novel, the dark coming-of-age story about teenagers, Dont Stand So Close. The official release date is July 1st 2012.

Publisher Paul Fry says: From the very first time I read Dont Stand So Close I was hooked. Its excellently written, erotic, exciting and compelling. The book draws you in and doesnt let you go until the very end. Eric Reds writing is very descriptive and atmospheric, and once the book has you in its grip, its very hard to let go.

Plot Summary: When handsome 17-year-old Matt Poe moves to a rural town in Iowa, he is the new kid in school. An outsider who cant fit in, his only friend is his beautiful and sympathetic teacher, Linda Hayden. The older woman is the first to take an interest in him, helping him adjust to the community and keep his grades up. Matt cant help falling hard for Linda and what begins with a kiss becomes a torrid, secret affair. But his teacher is a lot more than he bargained for and the kids wildest dream becomes his worst nightmare. The only people who can save Matt are his two classmates, Grace McCormack and Rusty Shaw. But the three of them are in way over their heads against an evil adult trying to make sure they stay after class permanently.

About The Author: Eric Red is a Los Angeles based motion picture screenwriter and director whose films include The Hitcher, Near Dark, Cohen and Tate, Body Parts, Bad Moon and 100 Feet. He has had short fiction published in Weird Tales, Shroud, and Dark Delicacies III: Haunted. He was also the creator & writer of the graphic novel Containment for IDW Publishing. Dont Stand So Close is his first novel.

Please click on the links below to view the cover art on Flickr:

Trade Hardcover painting by Vince Natale:

Trade Paperback photograph by Eric Red:

To pre-order on Amazon:

Trade Hardcover -

ISBN-13: 978-0-9542523-3-5 (270 pages, $ 29.95)

Trade Paperback -

ISBN-13: 978-0-9542523-4-2 (278 pages, $ 14.95)

For more information about Dont Stand So Close or to order directly from the publisher, please visit the official Book Site:


Short, Scary Tales Publications, 15 North Roundhay, Stechford, Birmingham, B33 9PE, England


Prism Electronics Selects XJTAG to Speed Debug and Test of Complex BGA-Populated Circuits

CAMBRIDGE, England (PRWEB) October 27, 2006

Prism Electronics, a UK-based contract electronics manufacturer (CEM), has selected the XJTAG boundary scan development system to speed up the process of debugging and testing highly complex printed circuit boards featuring high pin count ball grid array (BGA) devices such as field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs).

The XJTAG system has been implemented at Prism's 6,500 square foot manufacturing facility in St Ives, England, where it has led to significantly improved production test coverage


CyberphobX Tries to Resurrect Point-and-Click Sci-fi Adventure Games with HeXit

(PRWEB) June 11, 2012

HeXit will be a point-and-click sci-fi adventure game resembling the popular Blade Runner game in the atmosphere of the new Total Recall movie remake. Everything in the game will be presented in the form of pre-rendered graphics, which gives the player a movie like experience. The developers are sci-fi fans, they like exciting stories and police procedural television series. They are trying to create a game combining these elements while focusing on a compelling storyline with twists and exciting adventures. There will be a whole new sci-fi world built up which exists as a realistic, richly-detailed and interactive atmospheric environment. Several side-stories and a detailed in-game world await those who enjoy exploring everything in a game. There will be countless usable items that can be combined. HeXit will also involve several mini-games. There will be English language voice acting for all in-game dialogues.

The Episodes

Just like the successful police procedural television series, HeXit is planned as an episodic adventure. The developers plan to release several installments. However, these episodes will take place in the same world and the player will dig deeper and deeper into its secrets. Currently, they are asking backers at Kickstarter to provide support for the making of the first episode, which will involve 6-10 hours of gameplay. If they collect the aimed $ 75,000 on Kickstarter, then completing the game would take the team approximately 8 months.

The Characters

The main character of the game is police Lieutenant Jane Davis who suddenly finds herself in the middle of a dangerous and exciting adventure. Everything seems to change around her. She used to be the hunter, but now she becomes the prey. She has to escape so that she could clarify herself. All episodes of the game will feature dozens of individual characters. They will include friends, enemies, robots and cyborgs.

The Team

Each member of the team has worked previously as game developers. Most of them have more than 10 years of experience in the video game industry.

They spent the last months creating a preliminary version of the HeXit adventure and now they are about to start developing the first adventure of HeXit after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

If you think, like the guys, that there is a demand for a science-fiction adventure game, then do not hesitate to visit their web page and their Kickstarter campaign for more information.

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Ultramercial Launches Ultracelerator Co-Located Wi-Fi Ad Server That Gives Users a Lightning-Fast Experience, While Cutting Bandwidth to Zero

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 2, 2008

Ultramercial announced today the production and availability of its new Ultracelerator, a high-performance ad server and software package that is installed on-site at Wi-Fi locations.

"We designed this product to provide airports and hotels with our high CPM ad model, but without the latency and cost of constantly pulling that advertising from the Internet," said Jim Smith, Ultramercia's CTO. "We drop the ad-serving bandwidth to zero, while greatly enhancing the user experience."

Ultramercial has six years of experience marketing and serving their patented "attention-for-access" ad format, that asks users to engage with a 35 second full-screen interactive ad in exchange for premium content or services that would otherwise cost money.

The Ultracelerator comes pre-installed with Ultramercial's complete library of ads, and the software to integrate these ads into a hotspot's user experience.

"Users get an honest and clear value proposition from our ad model," said Ultramercial's director of ad sales on the west coast, Janelle Amrhein. "We've had phenomenal click-through rates with content sites like The Economist and ABC News, along with our free airtime minutes program with Virgin Mobile. Now, we're expanding to bring free Wi-Fi access to airports and hotels."

Ultramercial has already successfully powered Free-Fi's Wi-Fi access at both Denver International Airport and Oakland International Airport.

"The Ultracelerator is a 1U 19-inch rackmount server that brings the functionality of our CDN servers into a closed Wi-Fi environment," added Smith. "This unit offers users the choice between paying or engaging with the sponsor. A small percentage will want to pay, while the majority will choose the ad. Our partners are able to monetize the entire demand curve."

Ultracelerator's key advantages include:

Full-screen multi-page ads, rich in video and Flash, which are served directly from the unit.
The only outside bandwidth consumed is to load new campaigns and report on performance, greatly reducing the advertising bandwidth by 1000x or more. Additionally, this local deployment typically saves up to 33% of total bandwidth consumed at Ultramercial Wi-Fi partners' locations.
Latency is cut to near-zero. Users see Ultramercial ads immediately and never wait a moment for it to load.
The Ultracelerator is delivered with Ultramercial's proprietary and patented software pre-installed, plus their complete library of Ultramercial ad units. Customized user interfaces on a per-location basis can also be pre-loaded. New ads are uploaded remotely, and automatically.
Redundancy is built in. Mirrored drives and large RAM allocations make the unit fast and reliable.
About Ultramercial, LLC:

Ultramercial, LLC markets its patented business model and ad unit that grants Internet users free access to premium content after choosing to watch and engage with its full-screen multi-page commercials. Ultramercial, LLC is privately held, headquartered in Palos Verdes Estates, California with offices serving Los Angeles, New York and Detroit. The company maintains contracts with a network of online publishers and advertisers. Information is available at Ultramercial is a registered trademark of Ultramercial, LLC. IP protected by US Patent 7,346,545, with additional patent pending.



Alpha Calc iPhone Calculator App Introduces 6 New Features Bringing an Apple – Like Interface to an Old Design

Greenville, SC (PRWEB) June 27, 2012

The Alpha Calc iPhone Calculator App offers a new and better user interface for calculators that have been around for decades. With the advent of new technologies such as the iPhone, it is time for innovative designs to surface. As an example, one of the outdated features of the calculator is the memory button. The memory button has been removed in Alpha Calc, and replaced with numerous customizable buttons. The user can customize these buttons with virtually any number, such as answers to equations or regularly used numbers like tax rates.

"Have you ever used a calculator and looked at it for more than 15 seconds trying to find a button? Ever looked at a button for more than 15 seconds to figure out what it meant? Ever had the buttons so small and out of place that you hit that same wrong button multiple times? We have. We thought we could do better." said James Allen of

Alpha Calc was designed specifically to feel natural and unobtrusive. Alpha Calc has 6 innovative and unique features missing from other calculators:

1) Swipe - Its very easy to use. All 65 buttons on the keyboard are accessible by swiping left or right on the display just as you would on your iPhone home screen. By doing it this way, buttons are large, obvious and can still be fit on one screen.

2) Custom Buttons - It is a Customizable Calculator! If you swipe to the left there are *20 customizable buttons. By holding down a button you can save the current expression or your last answer to a button (2, 3/2, (Ans)^2, Ans+Ans^2, etc.)

3) Scrolling History - If the user needs to refer back to old calculations, one can always scroll through your history by swiping your current answer. Then, by tapping a previous answer or expression, it will be put in the current Expression Bar.

4) Function Solvers - For those next level mathematics maneuvers, Alpha Calc has function solvers for The Quadratic Formula, The Pythagorean Theorem, Area Formulas, and more.

5) Inserting Parenthesis - To allow for the quick stream of problem solving, Alpha Calc doesnt care about end parenthesis. Entering something like Ln(3(cos(7 would be interpreted like Ln(3(cos(7))), because Alpha Calculator knows what you want.

6) Editing Expressions - You can quickly and easily edit an expression just as you would an e-mail or text message on your iPhone. Just hold down on the expression and you can slide your finger to the item you want to edit.

A calculator should do more than just calculations. It shouldn't make solving a problem take longer than doing it by hand. There shouldnt be time wasted fiddling through buttons you cant find or understand. The Alpha Calc iPhone Calculator App fills the need for the classic calculator while adding innovative features that all iPhone users will be instantly comfortable with.

The user will start with 4 custom buttons and 4 formulas. Included is an in-app purchase of 99 cents which will open up all custom buttons and formulas.

Plans for the future include: A Universal Version which will support iPad, Additional Functions, Different Color Schemes, Advanced Button Creation, the Ability to Move Any Button and much more!

About Valley Rocket LLC

Valley Rocket was founded in 2011 as a tech startup in Greenville, SC. The companys focus is on mobile application development starting with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Other applications in the portfolio consists of:

Daily Commute - A commute app available for iPhone designed to help users make better decisions through the use of statistical data.

Shortcut IQ - A reference app for Apple Products available for iPhone

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