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Pune, India (PRWEB) May 21, 2012

MarTeck Consulting, a Video Production Agency for Technology Companies, today announced all types of video production at a flat fee of USD 500 per minute. These videos range from product demos, customer stories, animated infographics, to product feature videos.

Their customers include startups, established product brands, and large IT service companies. When asked about quality concerns, Esha Goyal, one of the founders remarked Our customers seem to love our work. We’ve yet not had a complaint about poor quality.”

“Weve refined and re-refined our processes. Tools are easy to use – its the story that we bet on. We hire only the best visualizers and story tellers. We know how vidoes should be. And because we are all techie marketers – were able to build relevant and impactful stories for tech businesses quickly., added Esha.

Because of budgetary constraints, technology businesses are neglected by video production agencies. Agencies either prefer to chase high value B2C customers or charge a steep fee. Weve successfully piloted our production engine. Its efficiency coupled with the India cost advantage; were able to offer fantastic videos for a flat fee of $ 500 per minute. No hidden costs and all that. said Sameer.

The future of content is video. And the SMB technology market like ISVs have no reason to procrastinate. Instead of getting 3 text based case studies – consider putting a customer on camera. After all, 3 prospects will not read 3 case studies. Just 1 video on their iPad will be far more effective., said Esha.

Technology has commoditized itself. And nothing is B2B anymore. No one wants to take out time to read your paper. The most powerful way to engage a prospect or even a suspect is to use the AV format and present your proposition. Youll see almost every ISV today has a video on their home page. A company like Dropbox has ONLY a video on their home page! It gives a visitor comprehensive product introduction in less than 2 mins. Purchase decisions become so much easier when someone can show you what they have quoted Sameer.

Text based content can get the job done for sure. However, its video that gets the job done faster and better. Thats because a video is more engaging. How many times have you switched off an engaging video? And mind you, with videos you get to capture 2 out of 5 senses. – mumbled Sameer as he bit into his sandwitch.

When asked why they themselves dont have a video, Sameer and Esha both chuckled, We are working on it – itll be up soon.

About MarTeck Consulting:

MarTeck specializes in videos production for technology businesses. It undertakes all kind of marketing videos from animation to camera work for a flat price of $ 500 per minute.

MarTeck believes videos for technology isnt like making a funny film. The story has to be relevant to their customers customer. And this takes years of involvement with the industry. MarTeck Consutling has been providing marketing and content services to technology businesses for over 2 years. In the last 5 years, Sameer has consulted and built content for over 30 tech companies. This wide cross-pollinated experience is a great asset to the teams story telling capabilities.

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