First Light Technologies Installs Solar LED Lights at Atlantis, Paradise Island


First Light Technologies Ltd., a leading designer of architectural-quality, integrated solar lighting products for pedestrian applications, is pleased to announce that it has designed and installed 300 solar LED bollards for a high-profile client: Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island, Bahamas.

We successfully designed these lights from the ground up to meet Kerzner Internationals unique demand for a solar-powered light that would fit a high-end architectural aesthetic, be unobtrusive and yet provide sufficient lighting, said Sean Bourquin, First Light Technologies Managing Director and Co-founder.

The lights, used for landscape lighting and way finding applications around the resort, replaced existing lights.

Because electricity prices at the resort are $ 0.37 per kilowatt-hour (versus typically $ 0.12 per kWh in the US) and all electricity is generated via diesel fuel, it was important that the new lights be solar powered to cut down on operational costs and greenhouse gas emissions. A savings of 78,840 kilo watt hours per year is projected.

First Light Technologies worked with Atlantis Resorts facilities and operations teams to meet these design challenges and was able to design, implement, test, manufacture and ship all of the lights within 12 weeks completing all the work on time and budget.

The resulting design is a robust, completely self-contained, solar-powered LED bollard that will operate reliably under virtually any environmental condition, for years on end with no electrical consumption, bulb changes or other maintenance or operational costs. First Lights proprietary Energy Management System (EMS) technology ensures continued operation even in cases of low-solar weather patterns or unusual charging conditions.

The First Light bollards offer several advantages over the existing lights:

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