Start Designing 3D Projects and Administering your MySQL Databases with phpMyAdmin with the Newest Books Added to Packt Publishings Online Digital Library

(PRWEB) February 15, 2012

Packt Publishings online digital library, PacktLib, is now home to over 760 books on computer technologies. The library covers a wide range of topics, from Open Source projects, such as Drupal and WordPress, to Enterprise products from big software companies, such as Oracle and IBM. Furthermore, with over 100,000 pages of content at the click of a button, Packts solution based books will provide answers to your questions in one fully searchable companion. PacktLib is an essential information resource for any administrator, developer or designer to access a collection of books that will enable readers to learn new skills as well as updating their understanding of the topic at hand. As a large selection of books are beginners guides or cookbooks, it allows newbies and hobbyists alike to start from the basics before developing their skills and capabilities. This process of learning is further enhanced with the inclusion of case studies, examples, tutorials and screenshots in these books.

The Cinema 4D R13 Cookbook is now available in PacktLib, giving 3D designers the ability to master all the important aspects of Cinema 4D. They will learn how real-world knowledge of cameras and lighting translates onto a 3D canvas as well as looking at the advanced features of the program, such as Mograph and Dynamics. Readers will become an advanced Cinema 4D user with concise and effective recipes from this book. This cookbook will guide readers towards becoming an adept 3D designer, giving readers all the tools to succeed in the field of 3D graphics. They will also be equipped with the knowledge to create sophisticated and smarter projects using Xpresso.

Another recent addition to PacktLib is the Mastering phpMyAdmin 3.4 for Effective MySQL Management book. This book is a step-by-step tutorial for manipulating data with the latest version of phpMyAdmin. It will enable users to administer MySQL databases with phpMyAdmin as well as to manage users and privileges with MySQL Server Administration tools. The book is an instructional guide to help readers get started with phpMyAdmin in order to manage and perform database functions. Firstly, users will be introduced to the interface before building basic table and performing both simple and advanced functions on the created database. Any developer, system administrator or web designer who wants to manage MySQL databases and tables efficiently should have access to this book to increase their competencies on this open source tool.

By subscribing to the library, readers will be able to have unrestricted access to PacktLib, meaning that every subsequent book added to the library will be made available to them for the duration of their subscription. To help readers find solutions to their problems quickly, the search feature can be used to look for relevant content across all books in their subscription. Furthermore, bookmarking pages for future reference, printing pages and downloading any code and attachments can all be done on the PacktLib platform. Subscribe to the All Books Library today where users will have access to over 760 Packt books as well as being able to download an eBook of their choice for each month they are subscribed. Alternatively, readers can subscribe to topic specific mini libraries, such as the e-Learning library to access books on the relevant subjects.

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