Maps 3D iPhone App: Ex-Garmin Associate Launches Outdoor GPS Navigation with 3D Terrain Display for Hiking, Biking and Skiing

Hamburg, Germany (PRWEB) February 23, 2012

Whether skiing, cycling, mountaineering, off-roading or simply traveling the Maps 3D iPhone app is the GPS navigation system for all outdoor activities. The features are a delight mountains, valleys and own routes are displayed in 3D from start to finish for a totally new navigation experience, Head developer Moritz Gaupp, previously responsible for the map displays at Navigon, combined for the first time precise NASA scans of the Earth’s elevation profile with the topographical maps of OpenStreetMap (OSM). The app displays an outdoor route network that is up to 30 percent more extensive than traditional maps – depending on the country. Maps 3D utilizes the best data currently available for outdoor use. Users therefore benefit from the app’s unparalleled terrain display, which appears as a realistic mini-model of the surrounding region. This makes the 3D representation very intuitive to grasp compared to the classic 2D displays with contour lines (which Maps 3D can also generate, if desired). Skiers will be especially excited that the app shows more than 340 skiing regions around the world with countless slopes and cross-country ski trails.

Maps 3D not only provides orientation, but also helps with planning, plotting and segmenting of trips. When planning a tour at home, the first thing outdoor enthusiasts do is to select their desired region at one of three zoom levels and download the data to their iPhone. The next simply step is to download free track, trail and route maps from tour portals such as Everytrail or similar websites. With its clear elevation profile graphics, Maps 3D helps users to correctly assess how challenging the route is and enables them to maintain a clear overview both during the planning phase and later on when trekking. Maps 3D displays many natural reference points along the way such as mountains, lakes, rivers and landmarks, which further helps orientation. Hikers can plan for intermediate stops, so-called waypoints, which can be imported or created from scratch during the preparation stage. A compass, an altimeter that displays the exact height above sea level for every point on the map, and a line showing the most direct path between current location and destination further help with orientation. Geocachers will appreciate the option of being guided to a fixed set of coordinates. Users can also send recorded tracks to their friends by email.

The man behind the development of Maps 3D is Moritz Gaupp, a former feature product manager at Garmin/Navigon, where he was responsible for the successful navigation systems map display until 2011. “We believe that users want solutions for better orientation outside of the car, particularly on their smartphones. This applies especially to all those who enjoy exploring the great outdoors. We want to drive this area forward with our app development centre, movingworld,” says Moritz Gaupp, movingworld founder and head developer.

Maps 3D at a glance:

Facilitates GPS orientation during all outdoor activities
Track recorder with real altitude data
Trip computer with all key data
Worldwide 2D and 3D maps in offline mode
Maps from OpenStreetMap and OpenCycleMap, 340 skiing regions worldwide
Select the destination region at home prior to your trip and download it in the desired resolution via WLAN
Selectable Points of Interest (POI) are place and street names, mountain peaks, lakes and other landmarks
Import and create waypoints
High-resolution retina map display, rapid composition and fluid visualisation
Waypoints can be linked to pictures within the app

Media information:

You can download screenshots and other images at If you would like to give Maps 3D a try, we will gladly send you a test code for the app simply drop us a line or give us a call. We would be happy to arrange interviews with Moritz Gaupp.

Costs, compatibility and availability:

Maps 3D (9MB) is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch. Go to the app in the App Store:


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