iRemotePC Remote Support Service Taps into the Billion Dollar IT Services Market

Edison, NJ (PRWEB) May 5, 2007

Athivision Inc, a New Jersey based corporation, has unveiled an elegant Remote Support service which allows remote control of any PC without any software pre-installation on clients PC. In this high tech age, the Internet has become a Global village where most businesses are growing from local to national to international and taking advantage of the Internet revolution. Remote Support services were created to be useful among hardware & software vendors, application solution engineers, IT Technicians, helpdesk & support professionals and other experts in the IT field to use this service to gain access to their clients PC with ease and fully encrypted security.

With the help of Remote Support services, IT support is just a click away to resolve any complex technical issues. This service also helps in creating new financial opportunities to experts to remotely extend the services in tutoring, medical diagnostics, installation of new applications and services and fault diagnosis. Catalytic benefits of such a service include improvement in productivity, reduction in travel and cost.

iRemotePC Remote Support service works fine behind Firewalls/NAT and Proxy servers which makes it suitable for help desk or support professionals to initiate sessions with end-users, minimizing exposure to common security risks such as port opening/forwarding to help maintain security policies.

The remote support services have already started tapping into the massive support market, which is valued at $ 144 billion a year according to reports by the IDC. There are an estimated 1,114,274,426 Internet users in the world and growing, some of which own more than one computer, so there is a lot of scope for IT services. Because of the large financial market available for remote support services to take a bigger role, the future of remote services has established its intent to grow and take a larger portion of the support market business area.

iRemotePC Remote Support features list:

# No Pre-Installation Required on Client’s PC – Fast loading dynamic client module loads temporarily on remote PC (does not require any install rights)

# Remote Control any PC – All Windows PCs, including Windows Vista PCs with Real-time mouse, keyboard and 32bit full screen view of remote PC

# End-To-End Encryption Security – Highest level of security by utilizing industry standard 128 bit SSL and AES encryption methods during data transfers with on demand user authentication

# Transfer Files/Folders with Synchronization with Support for Networked drives between remote and local PCs

# Works 100% Safely behind Firewall/NAT. Support for HTTPS/SOCKS Proxy Servers.

# Advanced Computer Diagnostics – Valuable statistics like CPU, Memory Load, Available disk space, drive/partition information, ports, networks, installed programs/DLLs, Registry, Running processes, and Virtual Memory info are all displayed on the web interface.

# Remote Session Recording & Screen Capture – All keyboard strokes, mouse movements and windows opened/close are captured alone with screenshots taken at an interval during the session

# Web-based Chat – Technicians can chat with client’s PC in real-time while diagnosing and remotely control their PCs

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