Houston Start-Up to Beta Test Big Data Hadoop Technology in E-Discovery

Houston, TX (PRWEB) March 28, 2012

SHMsoft, a global leader in providing innovative solutions to high-tech problems based upon disruptive technologies, is pleased to announce beta testing of SHMcloud, the companys Hadoop-based SaaS platform for processing and analyzing e-discovery.

SHMsoft, a Houston start-up providing big data technology solutions announced today that the company will begin a beta test of its new Hadoop-based Software-as-a-Service application, SHMcloud in April and May, 2012. The platform will allow enterprises, law firms and service bureaus the ability to process and analyze large amounts of data in the cloud. Cloud computing offers numerous benefits, most notably by providing virtually unlimited data storage and parallel processing scale, which minimizes the amount of time required for processing, minimizes costs and requires no long term contracts or commitments.

SHMcloud is a big data integration solution, is being implemented as a Beta Test for a select group of law firms and their enterprise clients and service bureaus through the Amazon Web Services EC2 computing platform. This will provide a tremendous advantage to clients, attorneys and their technical teams during early case assessment, explained SHMsofts Vice President, Julie Wade. Participants in the beta can now harness the power of processing volumes of e-discovery with state of the art technology in a Tier 4 data center,” Wade said.

SHMsoft is the first company to develop an advanced distribution of Apache Hadoop for e-Discovery for the legal industry. By leveraging Apache Hadoops MapReduce architecture for highly distributed data processing, SHMcloud handles all the unstructured text collected in e-discovery. The platform generates native Hadoop code and runs data transformations directly inside Hadoop for maximum scalability.

Hadoop is a big-data mission-critical solution relied upon by Facebook, Yahoo! and Google to quickly process and analyze very large amounts of structured, unstructured, or semi-structured data. Hadoop consists of two key services: reliable data storage using the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and high-performance parallel data processing using a technique called MapReduce.

SHMsoft developed its open source Hadoop-based processing platform, FreeEed to process, analyze and review e-discovery to answer the need to reduce the overall costs of e-discovery. SHMcloud takes FreeEed one step further by making the solution available through cloud computing environments. Our Hadoop-based e-discovery cloud platform is a perfect business use for e-discovery, Wade said. Users will be able to process terabytes of data in days not weeks or months because the platform is scalable and costs are well under traditional pricing models. Once data is loaded in S3, they will be able to spin up 100 machines and process 50 gigs of data in under an hour at a price of approximately $ 500-$ 600 versus $ 500-$ 600 per gig under current traditional pricing models for processing e-discovery.

Participants in the Beta Test will be testing the platform in various ways. They will upload e-discovery into AWS S3 storage and then access SHMCloud through our companys Amazon Machine Image on EC2, which will spin the clusters, organize the processing, and deliver the results.

The cost savings alone of using SHMcloud is well worth the test drive, Wade said. This is true more so today than ever before, as the volume of e-discovery continues to grow and budgets to review those documents are subject to increasing scrutiny.

About SHMsoft

SHMsoft is a global Big Data solutions provider delivering value to its clients through software, hardware and methodologies. SHMsoft is the first company to provide an open source e-discovery technology solution based on Hadoop. e-Discovery provides an excellent business use case for Hadoop, which parallel processes text and other unstructured file types efficiently and cost-effectively. Our open-source products and professional services deliver value to law firms, enterprises, large organizations and governmental entities who are seeking relief from the high costs and undue burdens imposed by e-discovery requirements.

For more information, please visit http://www.shmsoft.com.


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