Disruptive Technology Looms Large in Dynamics of Oracle/Hyperion Merger

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) April 20, 2007

A leading Independent Software Vendor (ISV) is finding itself well positioned with the recent changes in the Business Intelligence (BI) landscape, namely the purchase of Hyperion by Oracle. This merger has recently received the final regulatory approvals to move forward, and on April 19, 2007, Hyperion becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Oracle.

Enter CubePort. Two years ago, ExoLogic publicly unveiled CubePort, the world’s only BI porting application. This new class of software allows for a migration from one BI product to another, allowing the recouping of extensive investments by enterprise customers. The technology specifically extracts from Hyperion’s key, mature product, Essbase, over to the economically-priced Microsoft SQL Server BI platform and the embedded Microsoft Analysis Services product. Both Microsoft and Hyperion are leading competitors in the growing BI product space.

Glenn Martini, VP of Business Development at ExoLogic, explains, “This technology allows for customers who might otherwise be effectively locked in to a specific BI technology to have options and leverage, removing the barriers for movement to another competing BI product. Having this dynamic work in the customer’s favor is also a key to better negotiating outcomes”.

Martini adds, “We have seen a surge in interest in CubePort from Hyperion customers recently. Though most are expressing dissatisfaction about price hikes on Hyperion System 9, some express concerns about the future of Essbase, which is the key piece of IP in the Hyperion stack and a critical and visible part of their customers’ BI systems. Others have concerns around losing software vendor independence. Many more have issues with Hyperion breaking expectations by requiring customers to repurchase System 9 versus the traditional approach of having standard maintenance to acquire the latest version. Furthermore, all of that is trumped by the fear that Oracle may raise prices beyond what they perceive as an unreasonable level.”

There are also big changes expected in the Hyperion Sales and Support ranks, where customer coverage overlap exists. Martini continues, “Oracle probably won’t want a duplication of resources in their sales channel. In a few months, we expect to see the results of a substantial worldwide rationalization of jobs and account management roles at Hyperion. This could result in some confusion for their customers with regard to their usual sales, support, and technical interface.”

ExoLogic’s CubePort, a packaged software product, automatically converts Essbase cubes to the Microsoft Analysis Services 2000 and 2005 product, inexpensively and relatively rapidly. Clients are contemplating switching from Essbase to SQL Server 2005 as Oracle/Hyperion pricing pressures mount and to further avoid captivity to both Essbase and Oracle BI product sets.

Thomas Fimiani, one of the founders of ExoLogic, adds, “Save price, Analysis Services is analogous to Essbase in many respects, one of which is that it fully supports multi-source data feeds, such as flat files, Excel files, Oracle, TeraData, DB/2, SQL Server, etc., so it has a clean fit into a customer’s current data warehouse architecture. Scenarios can include running side-by-side or as a replacement technology. Running in parallel allows the customer to widen the consumption of the production cubes to a larger audience, such as to a sales force, for a much lower price per user. This removes the cost-prohibitive nature of such a proposition. Moreover, an eventual replacement bring further savings in the form of reduced licensing and annual support expenses for the customer”.

Justin Taylor, CTO of ExoLogic, adds on to some surprising benefits to migration to Microsoft Analysis Services, “as a compelling side benefit, though better on price, the Analysis Services product ends up being more scalable in many cases, avoiding the well-documented ‘cube explosion’ problem. Often a customer will see improvements of 20:1 on cube processing (comparing to calc and load), and shrinking of the cube footprint can exceed a 50:1 ratio. That is, the cube becomes much more practically expandable in terms of both number of dimensions and number of levels, allowing for much better decision making through the enhanced cube granularity. On the licensing front, going from a named-user based licensing model to a CPU-based licensing model can also bring large savings”.

CubePort, 4 years in the making and 29 versions into release, and in full public release since early 2005, has recently been fully updated to include support for the Analysis Services 2005 product, part of the SQL Server 2005 product. The product is a wizard-based application that converts cubes and all related objects (outlines, data loading, reports, etc.) into the Analysis Services equivalent via its patent-pending analogy-mapping technology.

Partnership and Certification Programs:

The company seeks to further enhance its partnerships with front-end software vendors, US-based and international-based consulting companies, individual consultants, and ISVs who may wish to co-market ExoLogic products with their own service and product offerings. ExoLogic also offers a CubePort Certification Program to train consultants and internal IT staff.

About ExoLogic Corporation:

ExoLogic is a supplier of business intelligence software for the enterprise, excelling in the BI and OLAP product porting space. CubePort, its flagship product, offers a fractional-cost method of moving away from Hyperion Essbase to Microsoft Analysis Services. A Microsoft partner, recognized ISV, and vendor to the world’s largest software company and many BI consulting companies, ExoLogic is a leading supplier of solutions to organizations wanting to get the most out their existing software and taking advantage of emerging software products in the marketplace. ExoLogic Corporation is a privately-held organization located in Dallas, Texas, United States.

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Mr. Glenn Martini

tel (US): 972.764.5345

web: http://www.exologic.com

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Mr. Thomas Fimiani

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