Top 5 Consumer Complaints: iYogi Reveals the Five Primary Issues Users Face with Printer Installation

Top 5 Consumer Complaints: iYogi Reveals the Five Primary Issues Users Face with Printer Installation


New York (PRWEB) June 09, 2011

iYogi, the provider of on-demand remote tech support services, released a report on ‘Top 5 Consumer Complaints’ related to the installation or setting up of a printer. Installing a printer on a computer should not be a difficult process. In fact, with continuous advances in computer technology, printer installation is designed to be relatively easy.

Different printers may encounter different problems during the installation process. However, there is always the possibility of problems with the hardware or software that arise during the installation process. This latest iYogi reviews, ‘Top 5 Consumer Complaints’ sheds light on the most common printer installation issues that users face based on feedback from iYogi’s large subscriber base. iYogi continuously monitors and publishes the most common complaints to help people solve their day-to-day problems related to technology.

iYogi reviews the top 5 complaints related to printer installation:

     Connection/ Cable Issues – The most common problem that occurs while installing a printer is related to connectivity. To simply diagnose and rectify the issue the printer either needs to be attached to a network (including wireless printers) or directly to a computer. During the installation process, one must use the proper cables. The cable acts as a USB for a local printer and Ethernet for a network printer. The cable connected to a printer consists of a 36-pin centronics connector at one end that is connected to the printer and a 25-pin-D-type connector at the other end. This particular end is attached to a port located in parallel and is known as LPT, or printer port. The printer is furnished with a data buffer that collects data from the computer and delivers it to the printer. However, a bad cable will make smooth printing nearly impossible. Lastly, the connection might get disrupted whenever it passes through an electronic interference.

     Incorrect/ Outdated Drivers – Drivers are the most essential components for the functioning of a computer and its related peripherals. It’s important that printers come with their own drivers, which need to be installed before a printer can start working. Each printer model requires its own software. The most common printer issue arises when incorrect or faulty printer drivers are used. This may lead to issues while printing and even lead to “Access Denied” errors. The wrong configuration of drivers can lead to degraded print quality. One must always download the latest and the best available printer driver, which works with your operating system. One must also ensure that the correct setting options are selected for the printer – this includes RAM settings and settings for the source tray related to paper type, paper size, paper orientation, and resolution of print.

     Malware Issues – It is extremely important to remove malware, or any kind of malicious content, from the computer system before installing the printer’s driver. The presence of malware harms the installation process by interfering with what was intended to be a simple procedure. It may either stop the installation completely, or in some cases slow down the process. To remove or check for any malicious content on system before the installation process, choose an antivirus application. In addition, ensure that enough disk space is available before installing the drivers. Malware applications take a lot of space on the system. After the successful removal of hardware, check the availability of space. If there is not enough space to install the drivers, installation might fail. Each set of drivers has different disk space requirements.

     Hardware Incompatibility – Checking a printer’s compatibility with the hardware is essential before making a purchase or trying to install a new printer.Microsoft provides the hardware compatibility list for easy reference. This list can be helpful in determining whether a printer, or any other device being installed, is compatible with the current version of Microsoft Windows operating system installed on the PC. Using this list one can update Windows with the latest Windows Service pack best suited for the new printer, ensuring compatibility.

     Improper Port Configuration – Another common complaint arises out of incorrect settings of the parallel port in CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) set-up. To ensure correct configuration, the parallel port must be integrated on the motherboard or Windows may indicate a problem with the Device Manager. Always configure the printer so the information is sent from the correct physical port. Most of the printers use a serial port, which is labeled as LPT1. Some of the latest printers use USB ports instead of serial ports. Windows operating system is efficient enough to automatically detect and configure the port and device driver information once the printer is turned on – this is of course after the connections have been made.

iYogi’s response to consumer complaints:

“Even as printers begin to proliferate in homes, given the availability at all price points and ease of installation, we still receive complaints from our subscribers related to printer set-up,” said Vishal Dhar, President Marketing and Co-founder of iYogi. “Users are still plagued by common problems, which continue to frustrate them and our tech experts help resolve this specific issue on a regular basis.”

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