Sleepy Secures PCs by Shutting Them Down, Protecting your Home and Business

Sleepy Secures PCs by Shutting Them Down, Protecting your Home and Business

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 29, 2006

Iconico, Inc. has announced the release of their computer shut-down software “Sleepy” version 6.2 for Windows. Sleepy gives users the ability to easily lock or shut down any number of computers giving security and peace of mind. Sleepy is the perfect solution to securing business, schools and library networks after hours, and allow parents to protect their family’s computer use.

When it comes to the home life Sleepy has a huge role in protecting children from unsupervised web browsing, adult websites and online predators. Children who might be tempted to turn on a computer after ‘lights out’ will not be able to use it due to Sleepy’s security settings. Once Sleepy’s schedule is set up parents are ensured continual ongoing protection and will not have to remember to turn on and off their computers.

Sleepy is exceptional at stopping viruses, identity theft, and malicious computer use. By guaranteeing that the computer is actually turned off, rather than simply dormant, computer users can have peace of mind that no harm will come while they’re out of the office. Any attempts at restarting the computer are met with a secure password authorization which is especially important for computers that are accessible to the public, after-hours workers or cleaning staff which could gain access to unsecured computers and find sensitive information.

Sleepy integrates seamlessly with your computer and when it shuts down it will automatically save any documents that you’re working on so that no data is lost. Accessing the settings can be done through either the simple, or the advanced user interface which allows multiple schedules for shutting down and locking. Sleepy also comes with a network configuration utility so that network administrators can manage and shut down entire networks of computers at once, a real time saver for offices, schools and libraries.

Not only does Sleepy provide security and save you time, it can also save huge amounts in electricity use. A recent study noted that on average the electricity used to power your computer for one year is $ 53. By using Sleepy that number can easily be cut in half, or more.

Sleepy version 6.2 runs on Windows 95/98/2000/NT4/Me/XP and 2000/2003 Server. It costs $ 29.50(US) and is available for thirty day trial download from Iconico, Inc. at



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