Celebrate 100 Years Since Joseph Campbell’s Birth

Celebrate 100 Years Since Joseph Campbell’s Birth

Palm Springs, CA (PRWEB) February 10, 2004

The Sixteenth International Transpersonal Conference held in Palm Springs, CA, on June 13-18, 2004, will celebrate one hundred years since the birth of the twentieth century’s greatest mythologist, Joseph Campbell. In keeping with Campbell’s dream of discovering a new planetary myth, this conference is entitled, “Mythic Imagination and Modern Society: The Re-Enchantment of the World.”

Stanislav Grof, co-founder of Transpersonal Psychology and founding president of the ITA states: “Scholars like C.G. Jung, Arnold Toynbee, and Joseph Campbell have shown that all major cultures had their own myths that they lived by; unbeknownst to them, these myths formed and informed their worldviews. Now we have reached a level and degree of understanding when we can become conscious of these deep underlying forces of history and constructively use this knowledge.”

Today, there is an increasing awareness, if not urgency, to discover the core issues of the current global crisis. This crisis has many facets but, in the last analysis, it is the state of consciousness of modern humanity that creates and destroys world economies, initiates and ends wars, obliterates and supports entire ecosystems. Exploring myth may provide useful insights into the roots of this crisis.

Campbell not only inspired many to delve into past and present mythologies as “reflections of the spiritual potentialities of every one of us”, he also encouraged many to discover a new planetary myth that could inspire peaceful coexistence and a sustainable world for all. Dr. Jean Houston, a presenter at the ITA conference who conducted workshops with Campbell, vividly remembers seeing the picture of the earth “floating in space” for the first time as a symbol of this new myth. “Suddenly we realized that we belong to a much larger unity of life and of peoples. …We began to cherish the whole planet…We began to understand that one part of the world can no longer dominate the others through economic or military strength.”

Many of the ITA presenters have carried Joseph’s dream forward into their fields of expertise and into the world. Houston, as an advisor to UNICEF and the United Nations Development Program, says “in the midst of the turmoil of too-rapid change, an extraordinary light has arisen. Factors unique in human history are poised to help us become more than we thought we ever could be.”

The ITA conference brings together an international group of scientists, consciousness explorers, healers, spiritual teachers, economists, artists and authors, who have delved into the myths of many lands, cultures, and historical periods. Many of the presenters have worked, played and been inspired by Campbell, such as, Angeles Arrien, Stanislav and Christina Grof, Michael and Sandra Harner, Jean Houston, Chungliang Al Huang, Jack Kornfield, Ervin Laszlo, Bernard Lietaer, Michael Meade, Ralph Metzner, Ram Dass, Peter Russell, Marilyn Schlitz, Richard Tarnas, Charles Tart, Frances Vaughan, and Roger Walsh.

True to Campbell’s dream of understanding the deeper forces through myths, and to the ITA tradition of gathering expertise from many scientific and spiritual traditions, the presentations and panels address such topics as: Re-Visioning of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Psychotherapy, The Gaia Theory and Deep Ecology, Mythic Elements in Business and Economy, Archetypal Forces in the World of Politics, The Imaginal World and Higher Creativity, Myth and New Perspectives in Entertainment, and the Global Crisis and the Search for A New Myth.

The cultural program features Steve Roach’s multimedia show, chanting with Jai Uttal and Geoffrey Gordon, the hero’s journey through music performed by Lorin Hollander, Odissi Indian dancing by Vishnu Tattva Das and Barbara Framm, “The Big Bang, the Buddha and the Baby Boom” stand-up comedy with Wes Nisker, Nina Wise’s improvised satirical performance, and more. Opportunities for group rituals, mask making, shamanic drumming, meditation, dancing, creative arts, music making and more, allow the conference attendants to experientially participate in the process. Children of all ages are welcome to join in the Youth Conference.

The presenter list, workshops, cultural events, the parallel Youth Conference, and pre- and post- conference workshops (June 12-20) available at http://www.itaconferences.org. Call (415) 575- 6115 or email: info@itaconferences.org for a free brochure. Registration is $ 450. ($ 350 – $ 400 for early registration.)

The Sixteenth Transpersonal Conference cosponsors are: The Joseph Campbell Foundation, California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), Association of Transpersonal Psychology (ATP), Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP), European Transpersonal Association (Eurotas), Italian Association of Transpersonal Psychology (AIPT, Russian Association of Transpersonal Psychology, Institute for Noetic Sciences (IONS), Green Earth Foundation, The Forge Institute, Naropa University, Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center, Spirit Rock Center, Esalen Institute, Fetzer Institute, Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Association for Holotropic Breathwork International (AHBI), and Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS).

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