Airbear Software Releases Version 1.1 of Its Popular gdSuite Search Program

Airbear Software Releases Version 1.1 of Its Popular gdSuite Search Program

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 14, 2004

13-year-old computer whiz Aaron Feuer has developed gdSuite, which improves upon Google Desktop to create an even easier-to-use and more comprehensive computer desktop search application.

Airbear Software today released version 1.1 of its popular search program, gdSuite ( gdSuite was first released on November 19, 2004, has been downloaded thousands of times in over 75 countries since then, and has received critical acclaim.

gdSuite is an add-on to Google Desktop, a program from Google released this fall that lets users search the information on their computers. While Windows’ built-in search feature can only search files, Google Desktop can instantly search inside Outlook and Outlook Express e-mails, web pages users have visited, and AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) conversations. In addition, users can search inside text documents as well as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

Google Desktop has revolutionized the way users search their computers, but users have to search from within a web browser, and there are no advanced search options. With gdSuite, users search from an easy-to-use program that mimics the look and feel of the Windows built-in search application. In addition, users can limit their results by numerous criteria, ranging from file name to e-mail subject to date, and the results are still instant. gdSuite uses the results from Google Desktop, filters them, and then displays them to the user in an easy-to-use fashion.

“I loved Google Desktop, but I thought I could make it even better with gdSuite” said the program’s developer Aaron Feuer. “It’s exciting that other people think so too and that gdSuite is catching on around the world.”

Airbear Software is developing gdSuite version 1.2, to be released later this month. “We would like to add the ability to search inside PDF files as well as information in music and photo files,” said Mr. Feuer. He adds that Airbear Software is also looking into new ways to view search results, support for more instant messaging platforms, and the ability for users to search their computers remotely.

In version 1.2, Airbear Software also plans to add the ability to modify some internal Google Desktop settings that were previously unreachable. Mr. Feuer says that in the future, users will be able to move the large index files that Google Desktop now retains to anywhere on a user’s computer. Users will also be able to configure Google Desktop to search CD-ROM, network, and external drives.

About Airbear Software

Airbear Software is small software business based in Los Angeles, California, which offers web site design, custom programming, and a number of other digital services. Airbear Software is run by Aaron Feuer, who is an eighth grader at the Portola Middle School magnet program. In addition to Airbear Software, he established a non-profit program to provide low-income students in Los Angeles schools with free computers and training. Mr. Feuer solicits computer donations and refurbishes the computers. Then, he distributes the computers and trains the students on how to use them. For more information about Airbear Software, visit

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