Thinking Beyond The Obvious: ThoughtOffice Ends Writer’s Block With a Single Keystroke. Writers Are Inspired by Expert Questions and Over 1,000,000 Word Associations

Thinking Beyond The Obvious: ThoughtOffice Ends Writer’s Block With a Single Keystroke. Writers Are Inspired by Expert Questions and Over 1,000,000 Word Associations

Vancouver, WA (PRWEB) December 9, 2003

ThoughtOffice today releases the latest upgrade to their award-winning software for brainstorming, problem solving, writing and naming. This extensive product offering has built up a loyal following, allowing its users to ‘brainstorm’ in ways that might not have been considered previously.

The program was originally conceived and developed by Mark Alan Effinger, Serial Entrepreneur. The new version 7.0 has been designed as an intuitive computerized extension to an individual’s own creativity and problem-analyzing abilities.

ThoughtOffice Creativity Software is comprised of two major elements: The first part is a series of modules that provide several thousand questions that enable its users to qualify the task, modify ideas and evaluate goals, ideas, concepts and outcomes. It has been described as a “spreadsheet of the mind”.

The second part is a database of more than 6,800,000 words and phrases expressing the shared concepts of today’s culture and more than 13,000,000 “idea-associations”, upon which any number of a user’s personal connections can be added. It allows new associations conceived by the user to be added to those already present. In other words, it can be “personalized” to reflect the user’s own personal backgrounds and influences.

ThoughtOffice utilizes principles of association, memory-retrieval and reasoning. It prompts users to make their own connections by reminding them of thoughts, feelings, experiences, facts and images stored so deeply in memory that they normally cannot be retrieved at will.

“In the two decades I’ve been developing software solutions, we’ve invested well over 90 man-years in developing the types of questions that truly tap into memories and open the mind to clearer thinking,” says Mr. Effinger. During its development, ThoughtOffice has received a wide variety of input – from scientists to writers and business leaders. “We feel we’ve truly made significant progress in the areas of creativity as it applies to business. The underlying technology, coupled with a very straightforward approach, is proving exceptionally valuable to the new breed of businesspeople who are expected to have a working knowledge of many different disciplines” comments Effinger.

About IdeaFisher Software:

IdeaFisher has been designed as an extension of individual’s own thought process, enabling enhanced creative output and decisive problem solving. The software utilizes the principles of association, memory-retrieval and analogical reasoning by asking thousands of deeply probing expert questions. It then provides unique creative-answer support in the form of a patented 65,000 word and phrase association engine. 250 man-years in development, IdeaFisher has received input from some of the brightest business talent in the world.

The core product, ThoughtOffice Brainstorming Software (, is available in both Macintosh and PC versions. Minimum system requirements are Windows 2000 to XP / 128MB RAM / 10MB free hard disk space for the PC version, or Macintosh OSX through Tiger, 64MB RAM / 10MB free hard disk space for the Macintosh version. ThoughtOffice can be expanded with any of 16 optional ‘eXpertTopic’ modules (, each of which is tailored to a specific discipline. ThoughtOffice CEO ( includes the core product and all 16 Q-Banks (‘eXpertTopic’ modules). Also available are complete packages designed to meet the needs of writers, journalists, public relations professionals, advertising and marketing professionals, business consultants and public speakers.

Pricing (all MSRP):

ThoughtOffice v1.5.0: $ 99

ThoughtOffice PR|Pro: $ 149

ThoughtOffice CEO: $ 499

eXpertTopic Modules: From $ 29-$ 69

Specials can be secured at the web site, and through select ThoughtOffice Resellers.

For further details, an interview or review samples, please contact:

Mark Alan Effinger, 360-609-9272.

E-mail: see link to the right

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