The Security Guide for Home Computing is Now Freeware

The Security Guide for Home Computing is Now Freeware

Flower Mound, TX (PRWEB) April 30, 2006

The Security Guide for Home Computing is an animated e-book that explains computer security in plain English that everyone can understand. The guide has animated readers and over 55 free security software links (Free personal firewalls and antivirus software). Runs on Windows® 98, Me, Windows® NT, 2000 Professional, XP Home, and XP Professional.

The subjects covered in the chapters include the following:

The Basics

Shows where to get free computer training on-line. Also contains suggestions for keeping your computer secure, such as free firewall and virus scanning software. This chapter also explains how to test your firewall and contains may security recommendations

Why Worry

This chapter explains why you should be concerned about security and how easy it is to break into your computer. There are also explanationa and illustrations on the type of internet connections and security threats you may encounter.

Shopping On-Line

This chapter explains how to guard your information when ordering on-line and helps you to aviod scams on the web. Checking on the merchants return policies is also covered.

Children’s Safety

This is one of the most important chapters that explains how to protect your family when on-line. This chapter includes links to free monitoring software and lists safety tips for parents.

Security and Traveling

Covers the security issues encountered when traveling and what to do to aviod them. Many issues are discussed including hotel networks and how to keep your information private.

Viruses and Trojans

Explains the differences between these types of infection. Subjects covered include, how your computer gets infected, and how antivurus software works. There are recommendations on how to aviod infection and what to do if your computer becomes infected.

Wireless Risks

This chapter covers the risks associated with using wireless networks and what you can do to safeguard your computer and data. The types of wiress networks are discussed along with what a hacker can do.

Your Privacy

This is a very important chapter for the home user. It explains what Adware and Spyware are an how to deal with them. The chapter also covers Phishing schemes and how to detect them. This chapter is packed with information on how to protect your personal privacy.

Computer Law

Ever wonder what laws were protecting you when it comes to your information and computer use? This chapter explains some of the laws in the United States and how this affects your right to privacy.

Computer Info

This chapter contains a tool that displays some interesting information about your computer. If we can do this, then any other program running on your computer can gather the same information. This is only a fraction of the information stored on your computer.

Free Stuff

Chapter contains a database with reviews and links to 60 free security and utility software programs. Programs include FREE personal firewalls, virus scanners, Spyware scanners, Encryption tools, and many more.

Terms and Definitions

This chapter os a built in dictionary database of over 200 technical and security terms. Fully searchable and is linked to the articles, so you can display the definitions of words while reading the articles.

About the Author

The final chapter that contains a few words on my background and qualifications

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