Techsol Demonstrates Wireless Terminal

Techsol Demonstrates Wireless Terminal

(PRWEB) January 29, 2003

Delta, BC – January 28, 2003 – Techsol has demonstrated a wireless

terminal to select OEMs.

Based on the Desktop Development Kit (featuring a HY7201 Medallion™ CPU module) and a LinkSys USB to WiFi dongle, customers can deploy fixed or

portable terminals free of data cabling. Techsol has married the required technologies onto the Medallion platform in order to simplify the adoption of wireless technology. The system has been demonstrated both as an X-Windows terminal and as a VNC client. In fact, it can run

multiple applications simultaneously using a mixture of these technologies, in addition to native applications running on Linux 2.4.19

with X-Windows and GTK+ support.

The development kit, priced at only US$ 1000 with premium support, comes with Linux 2.4.19 pre-installed (built with GCC 2.95.3) as well as a

full tool-chain for applications based on GCC 3.2.1.

“Whether your application is office terminals, thin-clients for schools, or simply consumer WEB terminals, we have all the technologies to do the

job” says Brian Empey, P.Eng., founder and CEO of Techsol. “In addition, we can design, customize, and manufacture your product to the strictest quality standards. Techsol is one of the few companies who can take your product from concept to production, using open-source tools and applications. Plus, we do it quickly and efficiently with the experience of many industrial, medical, and consumer products behind


“Embedded Engineering is the same all over the world. Engineers face the same challenges of too much to do, and not enough time or money to

do it with. Techsol’s Medallion™ CPU modules address this issue and provide a solution that extends into the production stages of a product,

not just the “proof-of-concept” stage like most SBCs. We optimize performance through the tight integration of software and hardware to provide the highest value Linux computing hardware – competing even with custom designs. It’s a challenge, but we’re providing ROI from 100

units to 100,000 per year.”

Techsol’s Medallion™ system is unique in the embedded computer world. Over time, the Medallion™ Single-board computer product line will

encompass dozens of CPUs. However, the pin-out and form-factor will remain the same. There will be one Medallion™ module that is best matched to your application.

By designing with the Medallion™ system, you are effectively out-sourcing your CPU design and Linux porting with no up-front NRE fees! That lets your team concentrate on the hardware and software

portions of your product that your customers see. The result is that you can create a higher-quality product in a fraction of the time (and cost) of designing everything yourself from scratch! Plus, the interchangeable modules extend product life-cycle times.

See the website for details or call 888 TECHSOL (888.832.4765 or 604.946.8324) for more details.

Techsol is head-quartered in Delta, British Columbia, where the mighty Fraser River meets the Pacific Ocean.

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