Sounds Good – Hi-Tech Sound Caters to 99th Ninety Nine Restaurant With State-of-the-art Music and Messaging Service

Sounds Good – Hi-Tech Sound Caters to 99th Ninety Nine Restaurant With State-of-the-art Music and Messaging Service

(PRWEB) March 17, 2005

Hi-Tech Sound, providers of DMX Music solutions and ancillary services for commercial customers, has recently catered to the 99th Ninety Nine Restaurant and Pub with state of the art music, sound systems, messaging and communication services.

The company began installing DMX and other systems at the Ninety Nine chain with store number 26. Ninety Nine’s corporate office was impressed with the product and service and asked the Hi-Tech team to retrofit their first 25 restaurants. With 101 locations, Ninety Nine Restaurants and Pubs may be found throughout New England as well as in New York.

“Gary Hanna and his team at Hi-Tech Sound are extremely accommodating and offer great cost saving alternatives. Service is on time, they follow up very well and they’re a pleasure to work with,” noted Brad Schiff, EVP of Marketing at Ninety Nine corporate office.

Bob Botto, head of construction for the Ninety Nine began working with Hi-Tech Sound in 1985. In 2004, the Ninety Nine built 13 restaurants and utilized Hi-Tech Sound for all of their sound, media and installation.

“We’ve been very comfortable working with Hi-Tech Sound over the years. They meet targeted dates and their pricing is reasonable without a lot of unnecessary charges for small details. Even more important, their entire staff is easy to work with and they are consistent. Hi-Tech Sound eliminates the need for me to use several different vendors.

I just call Hi-Tech Sound, tell them where and when, and they take care of everything,” said Botto.

With over 100 channels of music available through satellite and dozens of ProFusion X programs, Hi-Tech Sound provides music to fit every business. Hi-Tech Sound has catered to an extensive client list that includes leading companies such as L.L. Bean, Pearle Vision, Family Fitness Centers, Golds Gym, Red Sauce Restaurants, Naked Fish Restaurants, Salvatore Ferragamo, the Ninety Nine Restaurants and Pubs and countless others.

According to Gary Hanna, CEO of Hi-Tech Sound, “Music conveys a message. The atmosphere in the Ninety Nine restaurants is thriving and upbeat, so the music should complement the atmosphere. Piped in elevator music would put restaurant and pub patrons to sleep. Radio music, with all the advertising, wouldn’t send the right message and depending on the station selected, may even offend listeners. The right music sets the tone for success in many industries ranging from food service to hospitality, retail, healthcare and business services. Our goal is to provide customized music programs and services that would essentially enhance a business.”

A Sound Investment

Hi-Tech Sound is a leading provider of DMX Music, message marketing, sound systems, DirecTV and Crestron Control systems. Offering superior products, expert installation and service, the company strives to provide the highest level of customer service and exceed customer expectation.

With a staff of 18 and offices in Marlborough, MA, Dallas, TX and Fort Meyers, FL, Hi-Tech Sound caters to commercial clients with high-quality digital music, sound systems, communication, custom messaging and advertising services. A 48-hour repair response time is one of Hi-Tech Sound’s key advantages over competitors.

Hi-Tech Sound corporate office is located at 41 Brigham Street, Unit 14 in Marlborough, MA.

For more information, contact 1-888-843-8369 or visit the website at


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