ScreenRetriever Gives Parents Total Supervision Of Children’s Internet Use

ScreenRetriever Gives Parents Total Supervision Of Children’s Internet Use

Sudbury, MA (PRWEB) February 10, 2011

ScreenRetriever ( proudly announces the launch of its flagship namesake product, ScreenRetriever, the first and only online safety product to provide parents with real time supervision of their children’s computer activity. ScreenRetriever provides an experience similar to television’s “picture within a picture,” displaying a live image of the child’s computer screen on the parent’s computer so parents can monitor everything their child is doing online as it happens, letting them parent online just as they would offline.    

If it’s on the child’s computer, parents see it – all social networking sites, all videos, all webcam activity, games – everything. Finally parents can achieve the peace of mind that comes from knowing what their children are doing online and, most importantly have the opportunity to intervene and reinforce safe, responsible computer behavior.

Internet safety experts recommend placing computers in a central home location so parents can monitor their children’s activity. Until now, this was impractical. ScreenRetriever virtually centralizes every child’s computer so online behavior can be monitored quickly, easily and unobtrusively. The solution is transparent; children know their parents are using ScreenRetriever which builds an environment of trust and open dialog.

Social networking and online resources are the de-facto communication tools for kids. ScreenRetriever addresses all computer usage concerns that website blockers, filters, online notification solutions and keystroke loggers fail to cover including, posting inappropriate comments, pictures, identifying information, multitasking while doing homework, online predators, phishing scams, webcam abuse, cyber bullying, Facebook, inappropriate websites, chat rooms and compulsive computer use.

ScreenRetriever Offers:

    Live access to children’s computer screen(s) from anywhere in the home
    A recording feature to capture online sessions when parents aren’t home, or for single computer homes
    A virtual central location of all children’s computers
    Ability to monitor Facebook™, YouTube™, Skype™, other video and chat applications, Twitter™ and all other social networks that parents may not be aware exist
    Security and peace of mind knowing the software is only accessible within the home – no third party servers or communications happen outside of the home network

“The key to successful online parenting is to have the same level of visibility into the child’s online life as the parent has into their children’s offline activities while keeping communication lines open,” said Lori Getz, Internet safety expert and Founder,Cyber Education Consultants.” “Filters and Monitoring Software won’t necessarily keep our kids SAFE. It’s up to us to set expectations and teach our children what is safe, responsible and ethical. ScreenRetriever provides complete visibility into everything happening on a child’s computer without sacrificing the trust between them and their parents. This affords us the opportunity to talk about issues as they arise. That way, when we can’t see what they are doing, they have the tools to decipher what is right for them.”

“Parents would never bring their child into the heart of a major city and leave them unattended. Yet every time a child sits down at the computer they enter a virtual, borderless unregulated world that is one click away from potential harm,” said Victoria Kempf, ScreenRetriever Founder and Chief Evangelist. “ScreenRetriever is a tool to help parents teach their kids good habits for every online interaction they have, not just those with strangers. Screenretriever gives parents immediate visibility into what’s happening into their children’s online world so they can intervene as necessary before their offline lives are negatively impacted.”

ScreenRetriever is offering a free, 14 day trial, downloadable at Following the free trial, customers are eligible to receive a limited time introductory subscription rate of $ 9.99 for the first year. One license covers all household computers.

About ScreenRetriever

ScreenRetreiver’s visual-based software provides an instant view into what a child is doing online. ScreenRetriever lets parents supervise their kids online, teach appropriate and safe computer use and parent online as they do offline. Only a hands-on approach to teaching safe, responsible Internet use will show children and teenagers that every action they take online can have a negative offline effect. ScreenRetreiver’s proven results, used in real households, is the best defense parents have against the expanding and ever changing risks of being online – do you know what your child is doing online?

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