SavRow Launches Dual Core and High Extreme Graphics Power Laptops for Evil Scientists, Geniuses and Gamers

SavRow Launches Dual Core and High Extreme Graphics Power Laptops for Evil Scientists, Geniuses and Gamers

(PRWEB) October 12, 2005

SavRow today launch the Katana X9 desktop replacement mobile workstation featuring the very latest AMD dual core 64 bit processors for phenomenal dual processing power and performance, or AMD Athlon 64 FX CPU’s designed to boost gaming performance.

The Katana X9 is a dream system for gamers, and professional users alike. We are unique in offering a dual-core mobile workstation platform off the bat with 4 different graphics card solutions.

“Unlike traditional laptops, ours feature upgradeable graphics, and the Katana is no exception. The platform is today available with ATI and NVIDIA graphics, with the top end gaming solution NVIDIA Go 7800 GTX to the workstation focussed Quadro 1400 FX all available and interchangeable on the same platform.”

Power exchangeable graphics are not limited to AMD fans either as the Katana X9’s Intel cousin the Katana 90 features compatible interchangeable graphics modules and Pentium 4 processors up to 3.8GHz.

“The Katana X9 does not compromise and moreover gives you the flexibility to enjoy desktop performance in a mobile unit.”

The Katana X9, is the world’s first notebook with a Dual Core AMD Athlon 64 X2 processor for blistering application performance. From artwork design to video editing and gaming, the dual core processor will make sure that the system stays responsive when taking care of the most complex multiple tasks. The 64 bit processing delivers true multi-tasking, allowing you to switch from one program to another without waiting for the computer to catch up.

The Katana X9 features fully upgradeable video technology to ensure that even the latest applications and games look their best wherever you are. It supports the most powerful mobile graphics accelerators available from ATi and NVIDIA including ATI’s Mobility Radeon X800, NVIDIA 6800 Ultra, NVIDIA’s Quadro FX1400 or NVIDIA’s 7800 GTX.

Sleek lines and exceptional mobile performance and battery life help define, the NVIDIA 7800GTX toting Blade 75 laptop.

“We wanted a laptop solution that would offer upgradeable mobile graphics, WUXGA resolutions for compatibility with High Definition Video and exceptional 3D performance and thankfully, the Katana X9 and Blade 75 offer both of these to our clients”

Both systems are available to order from SavRow computers.

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